> Coffee, Tea & Chocolate In the Movies

A visual look at the role of coffee, tea, and chocolate in the movies.

Coffee Shop Counter
View From the Back
Seattle Rain
Coffee Shop
Reading at the Counter
A Shocking Moment
A Shocking Moment
Tea at the Manor
A New Wife
The Card Party
Clare Pours
Afternoon tea at the Miss Brownings'
Breakfast Tray
Brooding Over a Cuppa
Cards and Coffee
George's revenge
Inspector Thompsom's Faux Pas
The Bitter Cup
Tea for Weisman
Sylvia's Hot Chocolate Pot
Roux's Favorite
A Delish Pour
Elinor sipping tea
Pouring Out
Tea table at the Palmer's
Tea Alone on the Stairs
The First Sip
Pouring Hot Chocolate
Vianne Serves Up