> Coffee, Tea & Chocolate In the Movies

A visual look at the role of coffee, tea, and chocolate in the movies.

Howards End Tea Things Closeup
Howards End Leonard Comes for Tea
Howards End Family Decisions
Howards End A Poor Tea
Howards End An Elegant Tea
Howards End Offered Scones
Howards End Offered Tea
Coffee in the Dressing Room
Coffee Backstage
Coffee (or tea?) Offstage
Coffee During Rehearsal
At the Inn: Soup Cups
Bing Brooding at The Cast Party
The Cast Party
Breakfast china
Lizzie cooking
Tableau at Rosings
Charlotte Pouring Tea
The Sitting Room "Before"
The Sitting Room "After"
Tea at a Shop in Bath
Tea at the Musgrove's
Mary's China - Large Cups
Mary's China - Small Cup
Taking the Water at Bath
Chocolate ribbon
The Edible Teacup
Chocolate filled balloons
The Chocolate Falls
A Little Bit Dangerous
The Golden Ticket
A Peek at the Ticket
Meeting with Coffee
No Coffee?
Espresso Machine
Peace Offering
The Lawyer's Coffee
Tea & Sympathy
Mr. Collins Takes Tea
Consulting with Lizzie Over Tea
Mr. Bennet
Coffee Service at Pemberly
Making Toast is All
Chocolate for Dinner
Life is Like a Box of Chocolates
Chocolates for Jenny
Would you like a chocolate?