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July 12, 2011



I'm a little late on this train it seems like, but I thought I'd post my thoughts anyway...

As I understand it, White tea, green tea, and yellow tea are all completely UNoxidized as opposed to oolongs which are slightly oxidized, and black teas which are completely oxidized.

Yellow teas are processed the same way as green teas but instead of being quickly dried after the steaming process they are allowed to sit damp, which causes the leaves to yellow. This is NOT oxidation because the steaming prevents that (which is why most green teas have been treated in that way).

Anyway, finding a good, reliable source of quality yellow teas is without a doubt, an amazing find outside of the far eastern nations. Wonderful of you to share the link with us!

By the way, I have recently started my own blog which is especially relevant to those of us in the Washington, DC area, so if you're in the area, I recomend you give it a look:

Jen@ jasmine green tea

I've never had yellow tea before. This is very interesting, does it mean they're more expensive than the other tea varieties?


The yellow tea also have different quality, If the bad quality or just so so qualilty yellow, It also very easy to find out in China tea market. But top quality all the bud yellow tea, It is very hard to find. The also the same to other kinds tea.

You could see the below URL


Hi Liz, I haven't placed the order yet, but I'm going to try the Seven Cups shop here:


I have never even heard of yellow tea. are there any brands or places you recommend to find good, real yellow tea? let me know, thanks!

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