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July 11, 2011



There’s a company called Koffietti that blends coffee and tea together. The blends are amazing! You can find out more on their website Brewed in a coffee filter or tea filter.


I think the only way to tell is to try. Z&D is innovative in its agitation mechanism , has a long roast cycle, and has a neato catalytic converter for smoke.


At the time it was all I could afford. And the reviews were pretty good. There were better machines, but they were also way out of my price range. I think that Z&D roaster is off the market now, so if I decide to replace mine I'll have to start researching from scratch!


I was curious and you don't seem to explain, why you chose your particular Z&D coffee roaster! What benefits did it have over other types of coffee roasters on the market? Did you reckon it was a good brand or a good model?

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