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July 23, 2011



I've tried something like that - it was amazing!!

Cousin Stacey Donovyn's Muir

I voted for ya Cuzn~also am going to ride my bike to shop for the ingredients tomara! Here's a cute link of a shop that I covet...

Review Coffee Machines

Wow! Such a mouth-watering delight!

Great pictures too..

Kaye Anne

Toast. . that fruit cake or bread looks very delicious!! My tongue feels hungry because of that picture. I have to taste that at any cost!!

Bianca @ Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This smells delicious baking in my oven- only wish there was more bread in my house- only had 5 pieces! my husband got to it before me. now anticipation is killing me.

Suzanne @ Stainlesssteelfrypan

French toast is our nemesis – the hubby likes it soft and I like it toasty, so no one is ever satisfied, lol.

We’re making your German pancake recipe this weekend, I’m very excited!

Such lovely pictures!

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