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July 02, 2008


Natalie from Proofer King

I love that saying have been quoting it to all my friends, "A stellar house guest brings GREAT chocolate." Checked out their site, happy to see they deliver internationally.

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I think it's a great idea. Sure beats trying to figure out what to make for dinner! ;

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Little swirly decorations and fancy shapes, melt in your mouth chocolate, and different flavored fillings and centers that were just right, not too sweet, truly something amazing.


I've never considered this but I think it's probably accurate. I should bring more chocolate to people's places when I stay. Of course I'm kind of poor right now so...I'm not sure that I'm ready to implement that at the moment. But I'd like to, and certainly intend to. Who doesn't like chocolate? Who?

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I love that mouthwatering chocolates...It is very common to present chocolates on Valentine's Day and usually with bouquet of flowers.This could also be a nice gift idea..


Having been born and bred in NZ (before moving to Australia many years ago)I can attest to the fact that I believe NZ chocolates and ice cream are the best. I have traveled and tasted both these essentials of life extensively and still feel that NZ just edges out the rest. Mind you I don't believe there are too many chocolates that don't pass the taste test.
Love your site by the way


Send your good taste to celebration by delivering our mouthwatering cakes to India and exotic flowers to India and leave a cherished memory with them. Add zing to the special occasions of your acquaintances in India by sending our fantastic flowers and tasty cakes.

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I just opened an online coffee shop: Get The Bean. We over 70 flavored coffees, Estate Coffees, Signature blends and Iced Coffees. We also carry herbal and Chai teas as well as Biscotti.

Please stop by and check us out. If you would like to enter our giveaway (1lb bag of coffee every Friday in October) go to our blog

We also do Cancer Charity Fundraisers. You can find out more on our website.



Yum, sounds really good!


Chocolates are best kind of house gifts because children are liking very much and they are very much interested to eat this chocolates.If we are presented this, while opening the box they are really gets very excited and they feel happy also.

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ohhhh. my favorite combination , coffee/ tea and chocolate. It gives Temptation in such a busy routines.


Wow- what a great blog! 2 loves of my life: chocolate and coffee! These chocolates sounds so yummy. I would love to sit on a comfy chair by the fire with the chocolates, a good coffee and a book- my kind of relaxation! I found this great site that actually gives a guide for pairing coffee with desserts, you should check it out:
Great blog!


I ma also a chocolate lover and I love drinking coffee while eating chocolate. You're very lucky to have a guest like that.


I have to admit I am a chocoholic and tea lover also. My sister-in-law says 'one can't just eat a little bit of chocolate ~ You have to make like a meal of it!'

I think it's a great idea. Sure beats trying to figure out what to make for dinner! ;-)

Jonathan Arenson

If you want to find out where to get Israeli coffee in Toronto, check out Canada's Israel

Coffee Reviews

Great job!
I like ur blog.

Top Coffee Grinders

Ur blog looks fine,I love to read it,so that i am a big fan of you,I like all the recipe you are mentioned here.

Melanie D

Oh yeah, this is my kind of blog. I love coffees and chocs so thanks heavens i found your site. You finished those? lol. I want to try chocolate boutique cafe as well, too bad i'm not from New Zealand.

Oh well, i guess i just have to satisfy myself with this hot chocolate first. I'm actually addicted to it. lol. Try it, you might be hooked as well.

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