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February 17, 2008



I'm a tea lover but when I see a coffee like this, I just can't resist it.

Tory Burch Flats

Coffee high mucky mucks can get into the special language trap and that puts people off.

Tory Burch Flip flops

Except occasionally I play coffee bar for visitors, just so they can see what coffee really ought to taste like.


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Mr. Coffee

I'm a very big coffee drinker and when I do drink, it has to light in color and heavy in caffeine.


i love your blog! i am also a coffee connoisseur ~ much better word than snob! i don't roast my own beans (wish i did) but love those that do ~ if it aint fresh ground beans it aint coffee! we always have friends over that love our coffee ~ usually strait up black, fresh ground, french roast beans ~ never ever seeing the bottom of the cup ~ then when we go to their houses for coffee they serve us FOLGERS!!! ugh, i don't get it ~
i love your idea of the foam ~ i also love the idea of vanilla and/or cinnamon ~ yum!


love your blog! i am also a coffee connoisseur, i like that word better than snob ~ ha! i don't roast my own beans but love those that do ~ and i also am careful 'what' i drink. everyone that comes to our house LOVES our coffee ~ usually strait up black, fresh ground french roast beans (& tabu to see the bottom of the cup!) and then we go to their houses and they serve us FOLGERS!!! i don't get it ~


drink more coffee, so you'll be more energetic!



drink more coffee, so you'll be more energetic!


All coffee lovers contact - Roasted Coffee Beans from Blue Mountain Coffee Roasters from Jamaica.


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Froth is cool! Makes it sinfully good.


Foam rules. Am too a snob. Jackson Coffee Co in Jackson, Michigan makes a great foam cap.


I believe i'm a coffee snob but hey, theres nothing wrong with that!



You know I love foam specially of cappuccino and cafe late. And I love it.

Barbra Fink

I loved your story about "coffee snobs." I, myself, prefer foam over sweetening my coffee. Just out of curiosity, have you ever put foam on an espresso shot? I tend to do that from time to time and get called a pansy for not taking it how it is.

Barbra Fink
[email protected]

boake moore

So the key is where were you when you had the argument? Starbucks or at Quicktrip? Do you like those Quicktrip chocolate corn syrup coffee drinks you can get as a fake foamed latte - you know the ones that are 25% coffee and 25% creme and 50% sugar? And whats your thought when you see somebody holding one in the morning? Trying to grade your level of snobbishiness to see if we can invite you to our club and send you a special child painted and hand crafted coffee mug - which would fix another blog too.

Boake Moore
Mission Grounds
The Coffee helping Children


THE FROTH! The first of the coffee the lips touch!
Very important - great topic. I agree it's important
to have 'the journey' begin with the most important - first 'sip'!



I love this coffee! I got 2 free boxes at


Personally - I agree. Roasting your own coffee is the only way to go. Nothing compares to the freshness; the ability to roast it how you like it...its the best.

Never use Kona and Blend in the same phrase. It's taboo!

Mack Helms

Everyone that knows coffee is aware that coffee is the second most traded commodity next to oil. Coffee has been my favorite drink during my business career and leisure time. I have always
tried to make that "perfect cup of coffee". Whenever someone finds that "perfect cup of coffee", it is usually
considered perfect to their taste only and, not necessarily perfect to the coffee drinking community. I would like to suggest a perfect cup (to my taste) and suggest you might give it a go also. Try the Kona blend. I don't mean the 90% whatever to 10% Kona, I mean 50% good Arabica bean and 50% Kona. If you have problems finding this blend, try Happy cupping!


I don't roast my own beans but am super fussy about the bean I purchase and how they're stored. Each morning I make our espresso, usually to enjoy a cappuccino. I love the steamed foam, especially when it's the consistency of melted marshmallows! But, I've never thought of sweeting the milk first. I may try that. Thanks for the tip.


Coffee snobs rock the world!

I'm another coffee snob and I'm proud of it ;)

Teemu Hellman

Good words in there, I sometimes feel that people forget what they are doing. People should focus on tasting and feeling, not concentrate the cups, humidity or color of wallpapers. My opinion "less is more", keep it simple. When you brew it rigth and you have good beans... Just enjoy. By the way, you migth try adding some real vanilla, cardamom or cinnamon to your foam before you froth it... Gives nice taste. :)


You know more about coffee than I do, but does that make you a snob? Naw. I'm not a very big coffee drinker and when I do drink coffee, it has to be sweet. Does that make me a poser? Hmmm...Your site looks great. You'll see me here more often. :) Thanks for the 'mature' entertainment. :p

Flavia Coffee

You don't sound like a coffee snob to me, just a connoisseur.


lol long live the coffee snobs! :)



Heh, I hear what you're talking about. My family's a bit that way too, but some of em have been a bit more receptive to learning about what kind of coffee to drink and how to brew it.

I try to encourage them to learn a bit more about that thing they drink every morning.


Thanks so much for your kind comments folx, you warm the cockles of my heart!


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Goldfish Tea

I am very impressed with your blog and your integrity in the world of tea.

Nancy Bond

This looks magnificent! Gosh, it's good to have you back!

You're not a coffee snob, by the way. I feel the same about coffee -- if I can't have it the way I enjoy it, I'd just as soon not have it at all. :)


I too am glad to see you back to blogging.
You are NOT a coffee snob, you just happen to know for sure what you like.


So happy to see you posting again. I really missed you.

Froth! Love it. I've found adding a little liquid Coffeemate creamer to the milk also makes the milk froth better. I'm no purist, either, or I wouldn't use a creamer! Creamer adds a little sugar and extra flavor. Creme Brulee creamer is also quite good mixed with milk. I use 2/3 fat free milk to 1/3 creamer.

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