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July 25, 2007


Eric Sohr

I know it's an old post...Just listen, look, and smell. Professionals do not walk away from the roaster, either. Thanks for your mocha java recipe.

Enjoyin Java Coffee Coupons

Yikes, I've been considering getting into roasting but I'm probably not ready after reading this. I'm intrigued by the mixing you talk about though.

Good luck!

Boake Moore

Love the website and I love the recipes you have in here! I've got some really great tasting beans and biscotti on my site that I would love for you to try! They are made fresh to order - really delicious!!
Great coffee too!
And we give the profits to children

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Coffee Recipes

Great work.Nice articles.Iced Columbian coffee is my favourite.You can also try.The recipe
100% Iced Columbian Coffee

Double strength Columbian coffee
Cracked Ice
4 tablespoons of sugar

Brew double strength Columbian coffee by simply adding 8 tablespoons of ground coffee to every 12 ounces of water.
Fill your electric blender half way with your chilled Columbian coffee and add the cracked ice.
Add the 4 tablespoons of sugar or sweetener and blend until you have a thick foamy coffee treat.
This recipe will give you approximately 4 servings, if you need more than that simply double or triple the recipe to suit your needs. This will became a fast favorite for the Columbian coffee lovers in your life.
Give a try to know the real taste.

Laurie Fosen

I love the recipes you have in here! I've got some really great tasting scones and biscotti on my site that I would love for you to try! They are made fresh to order - really delicious!!
Great coffee too!

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Thanks for the blog. I love it!

Is there any way you might be able to link to our site?

Phil at Maestro Coffee Roasters

Joe Frabosilio

Try using Ethiopian Harrar with your Sumarta, 50/50 blend, Medium Roast.

As you posted below full-city is best.

Jaime Hamel

Hey.. there is a grea site from Eight O'Clock Coffee that is offering a sweepstakes to win 12 mystery vacations!

Check it out and play every day!


This looks great. Tea is the best. Red tea on the grill hmmmmm.


I really like your website. It always nice to meet other Coffee and tea lovers. Check out my site :-)

Sinjin Eberle

You may also be dealing with a small roaster that heats up differently for each batch...Most 'larger' roasters don't get the dump of beans before 400 degrees, so the beans are 'jump started' as soon as they hit the drum. With the FreshRoast (which I also have for sampling my beans) you start it cold...then if you choose to put in a subsequent batch (against the instructions no less) you have no idea what that starting temperature is...

Further, the little glass tube can lose heat willy-nilly, whereas with a bigger, more beefy roaster, one can moderate the heat and cool of the drum within tenths of a degree...this may be throwing off your roasting, and your expectations may need to be reset - unless of course you spring for a more 'industrial' machine...

mostly cajun

Time of day will affect thing. The voltage in your home changes with the load on the electrical system, and a relatively small change in voltage will significantly change the heat output of your roaster, thus the amount of time it takes to produce a given roast to identical batches of beans.

Yu can measure your voltage, you can get (expensive) devices that regulate it, or you can just watch your beans and listen to the sounds they make as they roast...

It's fun, isn't it?



I'm sooooo happy you're back...I've missed you.


What kind of roaster do you have?

I have a Fresh Roast+ and I find that air temp plays a role. Also I live in an older house and if I plug it in a different electrical outlet even that makes a difference.

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