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May 09, 2007



Can someone help me? I am trying to locate an issue which featured an article about decorating a window with a lace stencil? I am guessing it might be back from years 2000-2002. I would be so happy if someone could identify the issue so I can search for it on ebay or buy it from someone who is interested in selling it. I really, really need it.

Judy Mullis

I am so grateful to have found this site. I have read the comments and think that we as romanticists are in for a delightful future with the Victoria magazine. I do pray that they will continue to bring to its consumers the magnificent era of time past. This will allow the freshness of old times past to be once again enjoyed. Thank you. I just found my magazine of March/April at the Sam's club here in Concord, North Carolina. I have been wanting this magazine for five years now. Yeh! it is here. Bless all of you that still sense the need of an era gone by, or has it? We still have the awe of this era within us. God Bless!

Cathy Perks

Hello again, my name is Cathy P. Early on I sent my sentiments on how BLESSED I feel to have my Victoria back!
It has been awhile since I checked the Blog here....and I am disappointed in the negitive press I am reading here Girls! For any of you that do not "get" the beauty of the come back by Victoria.....please do not try to spoil it for others that may be finding her for the first time!!! I have every issue of my original Victoria's and plan to save every issue of the "New Victoria." Every issue is going to be different...some may appeal more to us than others at times...this does not diminish the fact that this is a beautiful publication..that I will encourage and cheer on!! If SHE is not for you...then read Cosmo.


Ooops! I mean "blog"-- I'm such a sad, nervous wreck now that I figured out what happened to what would have been "the perfect Christmas gift" for my mom?! Choosing a gift fo her has never been easy...:( I sure hope I can find a copy of November/December 2007. Thanks in advance!


I TRIED MY VERY BEST???!!! My mother was so in love with Victoria magazine--that I tried to get her a charter subscription to its new "incarnation". Well, I just found out (from Customer Service) that they shipped the PREMIERE issue to the wrong address?! Does anyone have an extra copy I can purchase for her? Please let me know via this bog...


Hello Matt,

I'm interested in your aunt's Victoria collection. Please contact me at [email protected]


Ladies, please help. I loved Victoria as well and in one of the issues ( most likely 80's ) there was a wedding dress much in a 40's style, with color and short cuffed sleeves and at the hem it was embroidered with I DO, I DO...if you have info regarding that dress, please share...thanks so much!

Matthew Hilden

Hello All,

I was helping my Aunt move recently and she has every issue that was printed before the new issues. She enjoyed them but would like to pass them on to someone else. Is anyone out there interested?
They are very heavy. I can put them on ebay or something? Let me know.


Juli Mahoney

Thanks to everyone here for all your comments regarding the relaunch of Victoria. I too am thrilled with the news, but have to say, I'm now a little worried that I'll be very disappointed-- as were some of you. Like many, I still have every single back issue of the old magazine, and I have to tell you-- each and every dog-eared copy served me well last year, when I was at home recovering from a spleen injury.

With so much bad news in the world, that magazine always did a great job of transporting me-- away from the bad news and into beauty. And nothing was more inspiring. I still look at those back issues nearly every week-- and will be looking forward to my new subscription.

I work for a magazine and would encourage all of you to write letters to the editor of Victoria-- keep them on their toes-- let them know what you like, what you don't like, what you want, and what you don't want. It is after all the readers who will keep this version going.

Take care,


Luciana (Brazil)

Hi, I am writing from Brazil...I really love this issue. Congratulations !!
Have a great year!!


Hi Candice - sounds like your shop is in Canada - whereabouts?

The website for Victoria Magazine is - you should be able to get a subscription there.


Candice Campbell

I did not find out about Victoria magazine unill last Febuary when the home next door sold and a lovely and bright young lady, mother of 6 boys, moved into the victorian home next door. I could not get enough of her old copies so I started searching ebay and now have a considerable amount of my own. I was then introduced to the Bliss book about ladies opening their own shops and how their dreams blossomed. After my government contract come up for renewal I made the jump and opened And Everyhting Nice, Antiques and Consignment. I opened last April 17th 2007 and hit the ground running. I operate out of an old church. We carry Le Chocolatier Gourmet chocolate, O,Canada Soapwaorks hand made soaps and lotions as well as all kinds of itmes that could easily bless the pages of Bliss Victoria in a heart beat. I also made the ministers office in the back a cozy reading room. there is so much to see that sometimes ladies bring lunch, tea, hot chocolate or just go back to feed the baby in the big 1920 sofa and matching twin chairs in the original burgany floral imprint upolstry with wooded carved frame. It was only Jan 2nd that a customer came in and let me know about the magazine starting up again. All of my customers know that I collect by the big sign inside the front door WILL TRADE FOR BLISS VICTORIA BACK ISSUES. I have yet to see the new ones but can hardley wait. I stumbled on this wonderful site while trying to find how to get a subscription but can't seem to get and infomation can someone help me out. By the way 68 % of my sales are china, mostly tea cups and saucers. [email protected]


After reading through my first copy of the new Victoria. very eargerly anticipated, I might add -- I felt flat - nothing else describes it. Totally disappointing. There was nothing there to capture my interest. Pages and pages of photos. I don't buy a magazine just for photos - they certainly add, at least they did in the old Victoria, a huge amount to the feel, but there is no substance to the new Victoria. I just can't come to grips or understand why anyone would think that pages of snow covered branches are interesting. The word that best describes how I felt after reading the old Victoria - inspired.
I was honestly in shock the old Victoria died so suddenly with no warning and no explanation. I remember searching and searching in different stores wondering what was going on. I have tried I don't know how many subscriptions to countless other magazines and have found no substitute. I just read that they cancelled Victoria because they were launching the 'Veranda' magazine. I remember buying one Veranda magazine and after plowing my way through thinking it was one magazine I would never be buying again.

Well - I'll give the new Victoria a few more months and hope for the best,

Rachelle Cox

Hi girls. I am delighted as well to see that Victoria has returned. I bought it for several years before 2001 and am thrilled it has been revived. I am of Irish/English descent and love anything to do with western Europe. (Esp. if tea or English gardens are involved.) I have recently subscribed to the new Victoria with high hopes. I am also a writer and have a new, intermediate novel out that has to do with English history. Its title is Willie of Bennington Abbey and I'm quite sure that some of you ladies would enjoy it. My website is and I invite you to visit me there as well as on this blog. I'd also be happy to write back if you'd like to chat. My email address is [email protected]. I'd love to know what you think of both the new Victoria and my new book!


I have now received my second issue of the new Victoria. I was so excited to hear that it was coming back to life, but I'm very disappointed with the new magazine. The writing is mediocre and forced. The editor's letter, for instance, talks of two new contributors living "artfully and blissfully." Or in an article about paper-cutting: "Smiling as her scissors sing their snip-snip song. . . " Or this: "Delightful aromas can seem as warm as a wool sweater." It would be nice if the magazine combined beautify AND intelligence. I'm giving it one year. . .


This may seem strange, but I used the magazine for my hair cut. I can not find the original one it was in, but just for me it reappeared in the issue November 1991 on page 87. If anyone can help me know which one it first appeared in, I would greatly appriciate your labor of love for me. I had given away that first copy, and when I went to purchase it again, it was already time for the next months copy. Please let me know at [email protected].
My girlfriend gets upset with me for keeping the issues I have and I am so happy to see that so many others cherish them as I do, just looking at the cover lets me drift away to dream land, and wish it was me standing there looking through the camera lense as the photographer snapping the picture. I truly agree, yahoo its back!!!!!


I just found this website and am delighted! I have signed up for a subscription, but have yet to get my first issue. I have also inquired to the archive department for assistance, which apparently was not part of the new beginnings and may explain the described lack of continuity.. Would it be possible for anyone of you to help me in recovering a picture of a beautiful wrought iron bed with "twisted birdcage" features. Although I was a long time subscriber, I believe it was in an issue between 1996 - 1999. It was part of a main story and the photo waseither a fiull page or more. I do not recall the bed was part of the story, only a beautiful piece of furniture. If you can assist, please email me at [email protected]. Thankyou.


I just got my new Victoria and, although it sort of looked like the old ones it was lacking the depth and richness. Where are my old favorite writers, Claire Whitcomb? Faith Andrews Bedford? It was the writing I loved not
the aspect of the magazine that was sort of like a glorified catalogue of things to buy. Sigh. Perhaps the next issue will be better


I was re-reading the December 1993 issue this past week, just several days before I happened upon the new issue of Victoria. I did not know Victoria was being revived, so was really happy when I saw it on the rack.

I am disappointed.

The cover of the 11-12/2007 issue appears to have been taken from the 12/1993 issue: tree, chair with a throw across it, and background items, but when you compare the covers from those 2 issues you see the huge differences.

1993 cover is sumptuous.
2007 cover is modern, attractive, but not in the Victorian style.

That is the difference between Nancy's creation and the versions that have been produced since her editorship: She "got" the Victorian lifestyle.

Maybe they should just change the name of their new magazine, and we will have to treasure our saved copies of the old Victoria.

Jeanne Marie

Lisa, I have the Fall/Winter 1987 issue of Victoria. Here is the cranberry chutney recipe:

1 pound (4 cups) fresh cranberries
2 Granny Smith apples, peeled, cored, and diced
1 pear, peeled, cored, and diced
1 cup golden raisins
1/4 cup minced onions
1 cup sugar
1 tablespoon grated orange peel
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
1/2 cup fresh orange juice
2 tablespoons Cointreau or orange liqueur
2 tablespoons cognac

1. In a heavy, 3-quart saucepan, combine cranberries, apples, pears, raisins, onion, sugar, orange peel, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Stir in orange juice.
2. Bring to boiling over high heat. Reduce heat. Simmer, uncovered, till thick, about 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.
3. Stir in orange liqueur and cognac. Cool. Serve with Pheasant Wellington. Store leftover chutney in the refrigerator.
Yield 4 1/2 cups.


Lisa in Birmingham

I have lost my Fall/Winter 1987 issue with the wonderful Thanksgiving recipes. As the magazine has changed publishers, they do not have access. Does someone have the wonderful cranberry chutney recipe from that issue?

jay walthall

My wife and I enjoyed the original very much and hope the new one will eventually get there. We have lost one of our favorite holiday recipes that came out of the old magazine. The recipe was for Orange=spiced brandy and I want to say it was in the 1998 issue either October or November. If you can find it it would be greatly appreciated.

Jeanne Marie

I finally received the first issue of Victoria today and just leafed through it. I have to say I am pleasantly suprised, but then my expectations were extraordinarily low. Just seeing the page of calling cards made me smile! Granted, the caliber of writing and photography is nowhere near the level of our cherished original Victoria, but it is far too early to write off the new Victoria. I like think it has the potential to grow into an approximation of Nancy Lindemeyer's vision. I am going to vote my support for Phyllis Hoffman with a subscription check. Let's all give her the constructive feedback she needs to get better and better from here!

Susan T.

Ladies, I've received the new magazine and have read it front to back. While not the same as the original Victoria -can anything ever really be the same? Things change.
I am giving it a thumbs up and will continue to support it. I think like all things it will mature.
I do plan to give gift subscriptions to support the effort to reinstate this magazine.
Only with subscriptions will this magazine evolve.

Susan in San Diego.


Like many of you I am so excited TODAY, yes TODAY I received my new Victoria Magazine. After reading all the comments I feel like kindred spirits with all of you. Isn't great that one magazine can bring so many of us togeter with thoughts and ideas. I can not wait to curl up with a cup of tea and savor every minute with my Victoria Magazine....Im sure you feel the same.

Jeanne Marie

Barbara, you make a great point about Phyllis and Nancy. I think Nancy is a true legend among magazine editors, and Phyllis is a different person. I'm sure she's bringing her own vision of Victoria to the market. I should be thankful that she has tried. It's a very gutsy move. In my full-time job, I oversee the periodicals of a large professional association. In my daydreams, I've thought about publishing a magazine in the sprit of Victoria, but Phyllis has actually gone ahead and done it. I have to respect the attempt. After I peruse my copy, Instead of bemoaning what it isn't, I think I'll write in and offer constructive advice about what I'd like to see it include and wish her well. Phyllis must have had an affinity for the original Victoria to even do this. I think I'll do what I can to support her vision, for a while at least. It's possible it can grow into something worth reading, even if it's not exactly the same.


I always loved Victoria Magazine and was so sad to see it discontinue. What a relief that it's coming back. I hope it has the same lovely feel to it that it had years ago. Can't wait to get my first copy! :-)

Barbara Stopinski

Jeanne, you are a person after my own heart.

Phyllis produced something entirely different. She never did promise us it would be like Nancy's. Shame on us for thinking it would be. But how could it? Nancy and Phyllis are 2 different people.

How I wish Nancy was a part of this venture!

My heart is broken twice - once when Nancy left and now again when someone is trying to introduce magazine content that doesn't fit the title.

What Phyllis should have done was introduced this magazine as as a Victorian type and not the Victorian that Nancy envisioned. I would have been ok with that. I still would not have subscribed but at least I would have know it was an imitation on purpose not the real thing.

I want to cry again....


Jeanne Marie

Barbara, I'm with you. Did they do any market research or focus groups with people who had been longtime subscribers? Hoffman Media bought the lists from Hearst as part of the purchase. It's insulting that they thought they could pass off an inferior product on us. The production values were incredible. I remember reading about Spencerian script, the beautiful calligraphy. Who knew such a craft existed? Victoria celebrated the finer things in life and an age when having manners, making things by hand and interacting with other humans mattered. These concepts are on the decline more now than ever! I drink tea, I send note cards, I read books, I sew. My computer is a tool, not a way of life. I'm so glad I never got rid of my old issues of Victoria. At this point, I'm thankful that it existed at all, and that I can still savor the old issues. Thank you, Nancy, for what you gave us. I hope she takes satisfaction in the fact that so many people still cherish her vision.


Well, now I really cannot wait to get my first issue. I, too, picked up a copy of Tea Time and also found it flimsy and lightweight.

I'll form my own opinions, of course, but I want substance, not fluff. The original Victoria never talked down to women, and it assumed we cared about literature, art, ideas, etc, not simply style.

We'll see...

Barbara Stopinski

Jeanne, I remember the Katherine Hepburn piece in Victora. It was SO well done. I got some absorbed in that story and mesmerized by the photography.

In my opinion, they blew it during the first issue. I don't see how they are going to improve with future issues.

Why didn't they hire Nancy Lindemeyer as a consultant or at least get opinions from us loyal readers what we wanted to see there.

The old Victoria was a creation straight from Nancy's heart. No one can duplicate that. That woman had the correct vision and from what I can see, Hoffman Media does not even come close.

I feel like crying again.

I will do what I have been doing for the last 7 years - I pull out my old magazines for each month and read them from cover to cover. I get so lost in those magazine as they are so mesmerizing. Those magazines are the best meditation for me.

Jeanne Marie

Barbara, that is so disappointing! I haven't received mine yet, but what you are describing was my fear. I get Tea Time from the same publisher. It's terribly lightweight and has nowhere near the content that Victoria did. I wondered if they were up to the challenge. It sounds like they aren't.

I picked up Romantic Homes the other day. They had a cover story on British Colonial style. It was a disappointment compared to a story I remember years ago in Victoria celebrating Katharine Hepburn and style from the African Queen. Photography, writing, design. Victoria was so much above any pretenders that have come along since. Does anyone putting out this magazine understand why people love it? I'll probably not cancel right away, but you really have to bring your best the first issue. They won't have a second chance to make that first impression with many people.

Why bother to bring it back if they couldn't do it right?

Barbara Stopinski

I received the new Victoria magazine today.

While the format is very similar there are some major differences and none of which I like.

Missing is the rich, dark photography of the old magazine. Missing is the great writing whether it was a story or a description of Favorite Things. The descriptions under Favorite Things are very skimpy indeed.

There is nothing about Thanksgiving in this magazine labeled November/December issue.

There is a story about Alexandra Stoddar but there is nothing on her background, books she wrote, etc. There is no description on any of the photography at her home.

I am so disappointed I want to cry.

Where is Toshi Otsuki's photography? Where is the rich content that Nancy Lindemeyer provided? There is not heart in this magazine because Nancy did not put it together.

I will cancel my subscription.

I will continue reading my old magazines. This new one does nothing for me when I open it or read it.

It is much better than the junk Peggy Kennedy put together, though.

Jeanne Marie

For those of you who can't wait, go to Victoria's website: It's been updated and shows a release date of Oct. 30 on newstands for the first issues and shows the first cover. There are a few other things that hint of what's to come. Less than three weeks to go. I can't wait to get mine in the mail. I hope it's before Oct. 30! I'll post as soon as I receive mine if no one else has yet.

Let's hope for the best. Expectations are high!

Judy Lowder

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of us who love Victoria so much could get together sometime?


Aloha - I just happened across your website and saw the good news about the rebirth of Victoria Magazine. I frequently bought it at the local book store but my favorite was their annual March issue that covered England. I was so sad one year when I went to the book store only to find that they had stopped publishing. I saved several issues from March 1993 thru 2003 that I still look through. I have not been able to travel to England yet but always hoped to, the issues brought England to my doorstep.Can't wait to go to my local Borders Books to get the new copy!

Diane Porazzo

I am patiently awaiting my October issue. PLEASE HURRY. When I got notice Victoria was coming back, I was ecstatic. Nancy Lindemeyer was the best and she should have stayed with the magazine, after that, it wasn't the same. I hope it comes back as a monthly magazine. It was always my favorite, this made my whole summer knowing I could look forward to Victoria.


Love this site! So glad to find other Tea and Victoria magazine lovers. I too bought the first edition at the grocery store and have missed it terribly. I signed up months ago for a re-subscription, but until I found you all I wondered if I'd imagined sending the postcard back. Do you know when we will start receiving the dear magazine again? Has anyone heard?Lovely to find so many kindred spirits!


Love this site! So glad to find other Tea and Victoria magazine lovers. I too bought the first edition at the grocery store and have missed it terribly. I signed up months ago for a re-subscription, but until I found you all I wondered if I'd imagined sending the postcard back. Do you know when we will start receiving the dear magazine again? Has anyone heard?Lovely to find so many kindred spirits!

Cathy P.

The above notes are not from Mary, but Cathy P. Not sure how that happened :)

Cathy P.

My Mothers name is Peggy. She has gone to be with the Lord 12 years ago this year. In the fall of 1987 I drove my Mother to Dana Point,Ca for a businsess meeting. Waiting for her, I went into a Ralphs Market. Looking for a magazine....I found Victoria! My world opened up, pulling estate sales finds out of cupboards..decorating just started flowing, a home of Grace emerged. I relate to Frivolea,in her July 5th experience is so similar! I really did cry when I received the post card. I felt like a beautiful friend had died. For years I asked Father God to prompt some one of passion for the former pick up the torch and bring her back. I do not want to dwell on the last issues...yes it did change...Lets be grateful for the "new beginning" and those of us that prayed for "HER" return.........Well, I am going to dance in front of my mail box at receiving my first New Victoria!!
Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers!
Mother, I will think of you with each issue. How we enjoyed talking about each wonderful issue of our Beloved Victoria.


I, too, am so excited that Victoria will be back in print! I felt like I had lost a friend when I received that awful little card notifying me that it was no longer being published. Must say I was dissapointed even before that when Nancy Lindemeyer left and the format changed. It was certainly the beginning of the end...
Happy though to find this blog and know I was not alone. (Toshi Otsuki was my favorite photographer...I could always tell his work!)


Donna hits the nail on the head way up there in the comments-- the problem with the new (old) Victoria was it's refashioning as a businesswoman's magazine. The format change around '99 was what drove me away, despite my having been a subscriber for a decade, but I now see the aesthetic decline as a consequence of the increasingly commercial slant of the magazine. Not that it wasn't always kind of materialistic, but the material focus was mitigated by a good bit of historical and literary content that has prevented me from getting rid of any of my old issues, even after moving across the country. As fluffy as it was, the old Victoria introduced the youthful me to a variety of literature that I respect as an over-educated adult: poems of Edna St. Vincent Millay, memoirs of Patricia Hampl, stories of Sarah Orne Jewett, and M. L'Engle's Crosswicks Journals. I will definitely buy the first issue of the resurrected Victoria, but I'm waiting to subscribe until I see if the new magazine will have any of the old literary substance.

Rhonda Kay

I have every issue of Victoria from the very first one in hunter green "Victoria" holders under my piano. Victoria spoke to my heart and soul and, for me, was a little bit of heaven in the mailbox every month. Victoria, however, lost its "soul" when Ms. Lindemyer left..becoming, alas, just another Better Homes and Garden or even less. Where was the romance? Where were the roses and lace? Where, for goodness sake, was the logo. I stopped after two issues under the leadership of the new editor. I am so hopeful and await the new issue excitedly. Maybe the real Victoria is back! I can't wait!


I am so happy to find this website. As a former subscriber to Victoria, I received a card inviting me to re subscribe, and I was thrilled to do so.
I am so glad to find this site and read about so many others who enjoyed the magazine and the feeling it instilled. I love reading your postings and intend to follow up often.
As a crafter and floral designer, this is my busy time, so I love finding this relaxing place to come to.

Joan Leach

After reading all these messages from so many other lovers of Victoria magazine, I looked at my collection. I didn't know I had such a treasure, I guess, but I happily have the Premier issue (1987 Spring/Summer) and also the Winter 1987/1988 issue! I have all the rest that were ever published, and now am delighted that more will added soon! I am trying to pass that word along. . .

Honey Pace


As I sit here in my Victorian decorated home...lots of lace, Fru-Fru stuff, antiques and an embarassing (spelling?) collection of Tea Pots and Tea Cups and my collection of Victoria Magazines among others. I am very happy.

The posts from you dear ladies are great reading and it is so nice to know that there is a very large following for Victoria.

My oldest daughter, in New Orleans, called me this morning with the wonderful news. She Googled and got us both subscriptions.....yaaaaa.

So I got on my lap top, googled and found this site....a great site...where have you been?

I search tea sites daily looking for tea/romantic magazines and never came across you.

I am a tea lover, all things tea. Although I came to learn this rather my 50's. When my mother was dying from lung cancer, I found tea....loose tea in a coffee shop....this tea was soooo came with flavors. My first was Rose Petal (the rose is my favorite flower and the fragrance is my signature) then I found Jasmine Jazz and the list goes on.....

I now run amuck telling everyone the benefits of tea, types of teas and the wonderful calming effect of just brewing a pot of tea.

Naturally tea goes with romance which means Victoria fed my need for many years.

I too was crushed when Victoria changed their format and I lost interest.

Then I found Southern Lady. This is also published by the Hoffman Media, LLC in Birmingham, AL.

Next they offered Tea Time, another wonderful magazine from Hoffman. These magazines were as close to Victoria I could get and I do so love them....and now to have Victoria back....Oh happy day....

I will probably have to move to a larger home just to have room for all my magazines....old and new.

If there is a way to join this site or group I am interested.

Can anyone help?

Oh my, as usual I have gone on and on...I am a talker....I do hope that I have not done wrong.....small grin

[email protected]
Thank You and have a Tealiteful Day,


My heart leapt for joy when I discovered Victoria is returning. As with many other followers, I also have every issue published...even the post-2001 ones. I, too, agree that once Nancy Lindemeyer left, it was a different magazine and not as "warm and romantic" as the original. I look forward to Victoria's revival and hope it will be just like the pre-Kennedy era. In this age of violence, tension, crudity, etc., we need to escape from reality and relax with some gentility...even if just for an hour.

rina seccia

I too love this magazine, though I only discovered it a couple of years before they stopped publishing it.
I have many old copies that I have found through antique stores and bookstores that sell old and used books.
I am thoroughly excited to have it come back, however I liked the new format
What was wrong with showing women entrepenueres. I became very motivated to create my own home business because of them.
The magazine was awesome in which ever format they published it in.

Be very thankful that its back. I can't wait to recieve my first copy.


I stumbled across the news about the resurrection of Victoria last week. It was my favorite magazine for years until the format/style change in 2001. I didn't want another contemporary lifestyle magazine. I wanted the soft focus images, lace, tweed, and quiet articles that made up the original Victoria. I loved the Christmas and Valentine’s themed issues. When I saw the ad for the resurrected version and noticed the return to the original type face, I took heart and ordered a subscription for me and added in one for my Mom (who used to snag my copies out of the mail and read them before I got them)--she misses the original Victoria too, after the change in 2001, she stopped appropriating my copies--it wasn't the same to her either. I let the subscription lapse shortly after the change over. I would flip through a copy once in a while at the store to see if it had gotten better and I was always disappointed.

I was surprised by the intense efforts of loyal readers to get Hearst Publications to undo the damage created by the format/editor change and later attempts to get them to reconsider ending the magazine. Hearst Publications did not listen to the loyal readers in either instance. I hadn't realized how many people found solace and enjoyment in the original Victoria.

I am so happy to have it back, I don’t even mind the return to the six issues/year publication schedule it had when it first started. It gives me something to look forward to.

I wish the new version well and hope that it finds a loyal following.

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