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May 09, 2007


sally jo

HI ... does anyone look here anymore? I have 150 issues of Victoria starting with the October 1988 issue. I am interested in selling them in one "lot"...does anyone have any interest? sj

Michelle Martson

I am looking for a recipe that I know I made in the early 1994 and I'm sure it was from Victoria Magazine. The recipe is for a Chilled Lemon Soup. If anyone can help me by telling me the issue or if you have the recipe, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

linda jacobson


I too collected the Victoria Mag. There is a recipe I lost and it was between 2002 to 2004. The recipe is for a lemon tart with a cornmeal crust. There was also a recipe that was a stuffed fig. Please help, I have been searching for years. I looked forward to every month and suddenly they stopped publishing. The recipes are fabulous! Thank you! [email protected]

Donna McKeown

I'm looking for a lemon poppyseed muffin recipe that was (I think)in the Jan/Feb 1990 issue of Victoria Magazine. All I can remember is that it had palin yogurt in it. Does anyone know of this recipe?

Jane Davis

I recently purchased the January, 1992, issue of Victoria. Inside was featured an Orange Pudding with Currant Sauce (p. 62). It looked so yummy, but wouldn't you know--someone had torn out part of the page that contained the recipe. Can anyone give me the recipe of this dessert? The original article was "Roystering in the New Year." Thanks for any help with this.

Lynn Lineham

I have just stumbled unto this website. It's so great to read all of your comments. I was so offended and ,yes hurt when my favorite magazine was discontinued,and not a word from the publisher.It seemed so ingracious,not at all like the lifestyle the magazine was promoting.I am happy that Phyllis Hoffman has reserected "my favorite pasttime".It is young and is improving every issue.I do hope we will have it forever.

Karen Garnica

Matt, regarding the issues from your email is [email protected]

Karen Garnica

I have been trying to find the issue which featured the sisters who designed and built their homes...little victorian like cottages, all different the architects told their father they couldn't be built...It would have been an 80's issue...does anyone remember this issue or the name of the sisters? I believe they were in California

Mary hair

I am trying to find a receipe for white chocolate cups with white chocolate mousse and topped with a raspberry sauce. It was in a November or December issue, I would think Christmas as it had a tree on the front, and it was in the late 80's. I lost all my saved issues when we moved. Fantastic dessert and very impressive. It was the dessert served with a full dinner menu.
Please help me if you can.


I have recently discovered a pile of Victoria magazines in my daughter's old bedroom. They range from 1996 to 2001. Some issues are missing; however, 1998 is complete. All 54 issues are in excellent condition! If anyone is interested in purchasing one or more or all of these magazines, please let me know.


Hi, Diane.
The cookie recipe was in the June, 1993 issue. The Mom had a graduation party for her daughter Heather. Here is the recipe for the Heart Cookies:
2 1/2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup unsalted butter softened
2/3 cup sugar
1 egg

2 cups confectioners sugar
1/4 cup milk

To make cookies:
In a medium bowl stir together flour and salt. Set aside.
in a large mixer bowl cream butter and granulated sugar at medium speed of mixer until light and fluffy. Beat in egg until blended. Gradually beat in flour mixture at low speed just until blended.
Divide dough in half. Form each half into a disk shape and wrap in plastic. Refrigerate 2 hours.
Preheat oven to 350. Roll out doug 1/8 inch thick on floured surface. Cut into 2/12 inch heart shapes. Arrange 1 inch apart on ungreased cookie sheets.

Bake at 350 for 7-8 minutes or until cookies start to brown lightly.

To make icing:
While cookies are baking, sift confectioners sugar into medium bowl. Stir in milk to form runny consistency. If desired, add food coloring to the icing. Spread icing on hot cookies. Cool iced cookies on rack placed over wax paper.


Diane P in Sacramento

I am DESPERATE to find a cookie recipe that was featured in Victoria magazine, probably in the early 90's, and possibly in a May issue. The article had pictures and recipes for a graduation tea party thrown by a loving Mom for her daughter and her daughter's friends. The recipe was called "Graduation Cookies" - I had it in my recipe box for years, and used it many times (with wonderful results) but now I can't find it :( If any one could please help, I will be forever grateful!
With loving thanks,


I'm afraid my collection wouldn't be worth selling. I've cut the issues up so badly. Seemed like a good idea at the time, and now I could just kick myself!

Pamela Jo

Just wondering if Christine or Patti D. sold their collection of 182 Victoria magazines. I would be interested if they still have them (or if anyone else has a similar collection they want to part with). I am an artist and want to use them for inspiration. I do not want to cut them up, just use them to read and view to inspire my painting. Thanks. My email is [email protected].


I am looking for a cake recipe published possibly in the 80's - lost a lot of issues when I moved. The recipe was a white cake made with bourbon vanilla. It was part of a series of recipes using vanilla pods, bourbon vanilla,and so on. Does anyone know what issue this was?

Ed hardy hoodies

You got a really useful blog I have been here reading for about half an hour. I am a newbie and your post is valuable for me.


I found the answer to my question a minute later on another site, the "Fall" 1987 issue was actually the Winter 1987/1988 issue. The first Fall issue was in October of 1988.

I thought I was missing an issue! Nice website, thank you for letting me post my inquiry.


Does anyone know if there was a Fall/1987 issue of Victoria, possibly in September of 1987?

There was the premier issue in March,1987; then supposedly a Fall (or Sept) 1987 issue; then Spring(March)1988, May, Aug, Oct, Dec all 1988. I have never seen this Fall 1987 magazine for sale anywhere have you?

Patti D.

I am now selling my entire collection of Victoria Magazines (182 issues plus 16 cases) for $198. Very good/mint condition.

Patti D.

Forgot to mention - there are 182 issues, plus the 16 cases for a total of 198 items.

Patti D.

My entire collection of Victoria Magazines (minus 3 issues) is still for sale which includes 16 attractive dark green cases. (That is just $1.50 for each piece - I paid $10 for each of the 16 cases and am selling those for $1.50 each). Very good/mint condition. Selling the collection whole at $297.

Becky Gunderson

To Cindy Jeric,

I have been desperately seeking a holiday issue of Victoria for years. Unfortunately I don't recall the year. But I remember the cover has a subdues taupe cover. Inside are recipes for plum pudding, lace cookies, and my all time favorite, Joy's Eggnog. I believe it is most likely an 87, 88 or 89 holiday issue. Do you think you might have it?? If so please contact me: [email protected]

Patti D.

Hi Jeff & Kari - you can email me at [email protected]


Hey Patty D. again! You can email me at [email protected]


Hey Patty D. I'll take them! How do I get in touch?

"Due to needing more space, I am selling my entire collection of Victoria Magazines (minus 3 issues), 182 issues in 16 attractive dark green cases. $300."

Patti D.

Due to needing more space, I am selling my entire collection of Victoria Magazines (minus 3 issues), 182 issues in 16 attractive dark green cases. $300

Barbara Stopinski

Hi, Cindy Jeric,

If you still want to sell some of your Victoria magazines I am looking for the premier 1987 issue.

Please contact me at [email protected]



Hello everyone. In a google search, I stumbled upon this website, and I'm so glad I did. I, too, was a subscriber of the original "Victoria" magazine almost since its inception. When I called to ask why I had not received my latest issue, it came as utter shock to me when I was told it had ceased publication! I have always wondered why, but never have received an answer to that question that has nagged at my mind for so long. "Oh well," I thought, "I still have all my precious back issues to enjoy whenever I want." Well, guess what? I was talking over with my husband that fact that we really needed to dispose of some of our old magazines...of course, I did not mean "Victoria," but he did not know that. Oh how I cried when the next day after returning home from work, he proudly announced that he had disposed of our old magazines... and that included "Victoria!" Years and years of my lovely collection - gone! Yes, life goes on, and I'm now happily collecting each and every one of the new "Victoria" magazines. Although not quite the same, it is still a magazine filled with loveliness, grace and beauty, and don't we need that in this harsh world of ours today? I only wish I knew the answer to the question that has been on my mind for so long, just to satisfy my curiosity, "why did the original "Victoria" magazine cease publication?

Cathy Whiteway

Ditto Brenda's post of February 19, 2010!!!..."Nancy Lindemeyer and Toshi Otsuki - where are you when we NEED you (and WANT) you?" If the two of you ever were to conspire to create a magazine or a hard cover book that replicated the mystique, romance, beauty, majesty, esprit and soul of what was that of the original "Victoria Mag", you would have legions followers, and I'd be at the head of the line.

terese jensen

I am looking for the issue of victoria magazine that featured french pottery mixing bowls in bright colors with polka dots...also told where to purchase...HELP...




Hello, I have an online store and have a bunch of back issues of Victoria magazines from 1988 1990 1991 1992 1993 1995 1996 1997 1999 2000 2001. Free pick up in Tulsa or I ship anywhere. The magazines are in this listing or see my store categories here

Thank you, Brenda

Gail Derivan

Just found this site! Yes, I too was an avid Victoria reader of the Lindemeyer/ Otsuki era. I too was excited when the "new" Victoria graced my doorstep. I tried and tried to warm up to this new version, which deceptively looked like the original , thinking that "I" was the problem - that "I" was just too wedded to the old Victoria. But I find that the "Heart" and "Vision" just isn't there. This new version appears to be just a replica of the original, not an extention of it. I have not extended my subscription. I just continue to go through my collection (Thank God I kept them !)of the original issues for my "fix". Nancy Lindemeyer and Toshi Otsuki - where are you when we NEED you?

Sue Bendlin

A friend informed me that she had seen articles, in the "old" Victoria magazine, about Tasha Tudor. Is anyone familiar with her and these articles? If so, how could I get copies or the actual magazine?

Thanks for your help!

Susan Simon


I am looking for an article in Victoria magazine and I believe it would be in the Oct. 1987 issue. It is an article about hair accessories in which my now defunct company had a photo of an item we manufactured. I am compiling a scrapbook and would love to include a copy of that photo/company credit in my book. If anyone could please find the article and copy the page with our item and our company name I would greatly appreciate receiving it. The company name was called Simon Levitt Design, NY and I have a note from the editor saying that our piece was featured in an article ( along with other items) and her note is date Oct. 15, 1987.
Thank you very much,
Susan Simon
Please contact me by email if you find the article.
[email protected]

Samantha Miller

Hello, everyone. I am looking for any Victoria magazines that someone wants to give away. I would like to start a collection of them as I do not have any issues from the early years of 1988 to 2000. I would pay for the shipping. Please send me an e-mail at [email protected]. Thanks, Sam.

Mickie Klusza

I am looking for an issue of the old Victoria Magazine that had an article titled An Embroiderer's Celestial Touch. it was probably A December issue some wheree between 1998 and 2002. The article was about a place in Los Angeles that has/had workshops to make holiday stockings out of lace. If anyone has this issue of Victoria, or information on Embroiderer's Celestial Touch, I would love to hear from you.

Jean Singleton

Hi there, I was an avid reader of "Victoria" magazine,which I used to buy in our W.H.Smith newsagents. Unfortunately it was discontinued,but I would love to get hold of some issues from the 1990's. Is there anyone who would like to swap for the English magazine "Country Living" with me? It is a
very enjoyable read with lots about the
English countryside and all the different
crafts and animal husbandry.
I would love to hear from anyone interested,especially in the Vermont or
Williamsburg areas.
Your teashop looks lovely....wish I could visit!! Jean


I am looking for a magazine:
Victoria magazine, Casting a decorative spell. Oct 1998. I am willing to pay a really good price for it. pls email me if you have it. [email protected]

Vincenza van der Pol

To all Victoria lovers:

I just discovered that Nancy Lindemeyer, the editor of our beloved "old" Victoria, has a new blog at :
It's so good to "meet" her again!

Vincenza van der Pol


OOPS, THanks a lot!!

Vincenza van der Pol

To Cindy Jeric

Hi Cindy,

I am also a big Victoria lover! I have every issue except the spring/summer 1987 premier issue.
Do you still have it? How much would you want for it?
Tanks a lot,

Vincenza van der Pol

Christi from Charm & Grace

to Cindy Jeric...

I would like to know how much you'd want for the premiere issue of Victoria. I am missing that one and a few others. I'd love to fill in my collection.

Please contact me at the below e-mail ...using the @ symbol in place of (at) of course... and no spaces

feedback (at)


Cindy Jeric

I have the issue that "Millie" is looking for regarding the Elegant Stencils on Windows. It's in the Oct. 2002 issues. Please let me know if you would like to purchase it from me.
Thank you.
Cindy Jeric

Here is Millie's original request:
Can someone help me? I am trying to locate an issue which featured an article about decorating a window with a lace stencil? I am guessing it might be back from years 2000-2002. I would be so happy if someone could identify the issue so I can search for it on ebay or buy it from someone who is interested in selling it. I really, really need it.

Posted by: Millie | May 20, 2008 at 03:35 PM

Cindy Jeric

I love Victoria Magazine - and would like to sell some of the older issues I have. I have the Premier Issue dated Spring/Summer 1987. I have every year after 1987 also.
If there is a particular issue someone is looking for - please let me know and I may have it!
Hope to hear from some of the other "Victoria" lovers.

Lisa Morris

Lili: This is in response to the Wedding dress you asked about that said "I do, I do" at the bottom. I was looking through several old issues in the past week and I remember that dress. It was not a wedding dress though. It was a regular white dress with some other details that said "I do, I do" at the bottom. The picture had another woman standing next to her in a beautiful blue and white striped dress. I am not sure which issue it was, although I am pretty sure it was the early 90's, and a spring or summer month. If you still are interested in that magazine I will check my magazines again, to see which one it is.


Desparately trying to find the month of an issue of Victoria from the 90s as a gift for a dear friend. I am thinking that it was in 96 or 97.

I believe that it was "the cream colored issue" that had a wonderful oatmeal recipe.

Can you help me make a friend very happy?

All my best.

Diane W

Dear fans of the original Victoria,
I want to share some information with you. I too am a fan of the original Victoria magazine and was extremely disappointed when it went out of print. I worked in the publishing business and was an occasional contributer to Victoria's editorial pages.
An editor at Hearst (the original publisher of Victoria magazine) asked me to write a floral book combining material from the original magazine with new information. As a result, VICTORIA, FLOWER STYLES, ARRANGEMENTS FOR EVERY OCCASION was published in July 2008 (see Barnes& Noble or Amazon). You will find photos from the original issues with directions for creating the floral designs.
It is a bit of the original, still available to you! And, there is another book in the works. I'd love to have some feedback. The publisher definitely wants to use the original material. We know there is a loyal fan base!


For anyone who has old issues of Victoria, I ask for HELP!! I made a wonderful recipe from either the very late '80s or very early '90s, for a "Stilton Onion Souffle." I have the pciture, but somehow the recipe is gone. The souffle is baked in the hollowed-out Vidalia onion shell. In the same issue were recipes for Leek and Apple Cream Soup, Onion Tart with Spincach and Pine Nuts, Feathery Chocolate Pudding. I would be most grateful!!


If GAIL sees this post, I am interested in a magazine that I think was between 1995-97. It was not a winter one and possibly spring. One of the features was 'an island romance'. If you want to find that one I would be interested or any of the others during those years. I too was disappointed with the last issues.
Thank you

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