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March 14, 2007


Gwen Philippe

We reviewed two very different coffee roasters, a Calfornia company called Caribbean Coffee and an Italian company from Venice, Italy. Their roasting methods--and results--are very different but both delicious. Here's the link to the review:


here's a coincidence--first I found this Jalima product on Myspace, and now it's turning up on my second-favorite coffee blog! (sorry, I just love Coffee Detective) Actually, this product is really good and they have organic too...


Good day,

I have stumbled upon your blog and am very impressed with how you present yourselves.

Jalima Coffee was started by three entrepreneurs, all close friends, who wanted to provide the world with the best possible organically grown coffee from the cloud forests of Mexico. We believe that Mexican coffee is underrepresented in the gourmet category...even though our products are fair trade certified and sold in over 150 specialty stores across the US, our presence on the internet is still a work in progress.

Would you be willing to write a review of our products on your blog? We can send you samples of our three currently available varieties:

In return we will be happy to acknowledge you on our web site. (We can also provide you with some interesting recipes.)

Thank you for dedicating yourselves to a subject very close to our hearts!

Paul Burani
Jalima Coffee
[email protected]

johnny Kesselschmidt

Kosher coffee simply means that nobody who just ate something non kosher like a ham sandwich touched those beans. It means that the hands that were used to pack the coffee and roast it etc were supervised and then deemed clean or "kosher". Simple. jk


Miss you! I hope all is okay!!


You must be busy, we have not seen you in a while. I miss reading your posts, come back when you can, I will be waiting.


ReishiGo USA, Inc. is based in Irvine, CA and was formed to handle the global distribution of an exciting new product line. Capitalizing on two mega-billion dollar industries, the coffee and wellness industries, ReishiGo USA is proud to bring Healthy Gourmet Coffee to the U.S. and global markets

Please visit


Thanks for the suggestion of watching Chocolat. I did again, Johhny is a site to behold!

mostly cajun

Go visit "Sweet Maria's" and get a Freshroast Plus roaster and a cheap grinder and a sampler pack of green coffees. Then drive yourself to a caffeine-induced buzz trying them out.

The Freshroast does small batches so it's easy to experiment with different varieties and roasts, the coffee itself costs a third of what varietals cost at any commercial roster, and YOU have total control.

All this from a guy who's truned into a coffee NUT...




"One of the bigger problems encountered by people who only eat kosher foods is that utensils and containers that are used to prepare kosher foods can only be used on kosher foods. At many coffee shops and other similar establishments, the coffee--which itself is kosher--may come into contact with utensils used on non-kosher items. This kind of contamination is what makes it most difficult to find a kosher cup of coffee."

And I still don't know what that means...


Zoey & Me

I'll have to check this out. I was really impressed with a free coffee taster at World Market here and the fresh roasted was Tanzanian Peaberry. WOW, if you get some, try it! I was told the only place to order is in California $15 a bag, includes shipping. I am keeping my eye out for a local coffee supplier but so far no luck. Thanks for the tips. Love your blog.

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