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February 26, 2007


Blooming Tea girl

I must admit, I've never had either one of the two teas. It's one of the reasons I love visiting here, there's a lot to be learned, and you have a lot here, thanks for educating me.

Jane Silver

I have never tasted Earl Grey from Jing Tea, as I'm predoninatly a green tea man, but your blog post has me intrigued about the jing!

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Why we are not surprised with that findings at all? It would be agaist the law of teas if the the in the bag came up trumphs.

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Very good i like this one asmuch the others i hope to make it soon im looking foward seing you very soon on any other post like this i cant wait thanks for the info.


I love green tea but I didn't know those kinds of teas so I'll take your recomedation.
Thanks for sharing.

Ian Bersten

Tea dust is the smallest size tea leaf possible; however, the problem with tea dust is that although it provides quick color into the cup, it has no real tea flavor. It also happens to be an inexpensive tea to purchase.

You are 100% wrong about this. If the tea itself is of good quality it will have much more flavour weight for weight than larger leaf tea.
Whoever told you this does not know waht they are talking about


Yes, i love tea very much!


Good shot from tea. I choose interesting blog for my new tea website.R. Thanx for look


Thank you for pointing out the concerns around tea dust! There are some pretty awful tea bags out there. And, some good ones, too!


I adore Earl Grey, it is my favorite. But have you tried Cream Earl Grey? I get mine from Metro Tea, it is wonderful and I get lots of compliments on it when I serve it!


I have just started drinking Bigelow Green Tea/Earl Grey blend because I don't like green tea on its own.
Must say I like this blend and Earl Grey certainly comes through.


Mmmmmmm, Earl Grey.

When it's fresh it's so good, but when it's tired and 'dusty' it's nigh undrinkable. I think my last EG experience was of the undrinkable type, but maybe it's time to try again.

Forgive my ignorance, but can you tell me more about the Lady Grey blend? I don't think I've ever tried it...


Our favorite Earl is White Tip Earl Grey from The Tea Table. It is balanced very nicely and doesn't get bitter when accidentally oversteeped.


A friend of ours from England introduced us to this tea. I could sit and smell the teabag for hours!
He likes to purchase the Bergamot oil and make his own. He's been having some trouble finding a place that sells smaller amounts, any suggestions?
Also I love the Bigelow tea - the flavor and smell is wonderful!
Thanks for sharing. I love your site!

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