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February 09, 2007



Real brain power on dislpay. Thanks for that answer!


The chocolate mousse tastes lovely i made it for my coffee morning but wisk? what about Whisk?


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Chocolate Cowgirl

Add a wee bit of chile powder to add interest. Also i like to use more dark than milk chocolate. But great recipes. Thanks.


wisk? how about whisk?

Update: corn syrup is key, but the fat from cream is also as important.


Melting chocolate and mixing at the right temp with heavy cream and corn syrup makes it smooth...use wisk to beat the mixture until it cools. The key ingredient is the corn syrup.


Sounds yummy to me!

I made a ganache with 8oz of 53% choc and 1/2 cup heavy creme, added a tbls of raspberry extract. I let it solidify. Scooped it out with a 1 tbls cookie scoop and topped each with a bit of melted semi-sweet choc.

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