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February 23, 2007


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I am sure it tastes very nice but it does not look that appealing at all. That is a bit pitty. I generally love all three combination.

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I actually agree with you on the zip ties for ease of use. But, surprisingly, many people don't have them lying around the house, so I wanted to use something most people would already have. For the record, zip ties are available at hardware stores and home improvement centers, and are infinitely useful things to have around.

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Wow, this looks so satisfying too! Thanks for the recipe!


This looks great! I'm creating a new blog and I'll link to it. See Thanks!


Recipe look as very good I send this link to my girlfiend. Thanx for sharing.R.


You have Great blog on coffee from Jeena :)

visit jeena's kitchen healthy recipe blog


Oh, WOW! Looks like I need to amend my next grocery shopping list.

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