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February 08, 2007



Lovely little roses and chocolates makes the tea party interesting for valentine.

It is a nice idea too.


Very interesting gourmet shots. Thanx for idea.R.


This looks so pretty! My seven year old daughter has been wanting to have a special tea party for a couple of her friends, and I think we might just adapt some of your ideas here. Thanks!


Such beautiful photos. Thank you! I just got a tin of loose-leaf rose tea from republic of tea. It is also quite nice!


This blog is just awesome..I love tea and you've been doing a great job with it. The Valentine's Day special is really romantic.Do peep into my blog and lemme know how you like it!!


Thanks Nik! :)) Sometimes I just need to make myself a pretty treat and use the pretty china. It pleases my inner tea party lady.

aka Nik

This is beautiful!

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