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January 24, 2007


tea mama

I was wondering what the diffe-rence between Lady $ Earl tea is, so I will have to conduct a test; I do not remember what Lady used to taste like before but the color is an amber for me (and I am guilty of buying bags of Lady while Earl{loose} was purchased by my husband);both teas have similar tastes (or maybe I'm imagining).This is what I'm trying to figure out(what is the difference between them).


Initially, Twinings stated that the tea bags tested were up to the 'standard'. They have since confirmed that the 'standard' HAS been changed. Twinings have made no mention of these chages on the product packaging. If you agree that Lady Grey hasn't been improved and made better, please contact Twinings with your complaints.


I have happily consumed Twinings Lady Grey for approximately 20 years and thoroughly enjoyed it.The colour has always been a grey slightly `dirty dishwater` shade.However,my recent purchases have not been as usual - the colour has been more orangy and the taste not up to the usual standard. I have complained to Twinings who have tried to fob me off with 'Perhaps your water is different at the moment'.I have even made 2 cups of tea (using the same water) with a recently purchased tea bag and an older one that I had been keeping in my bag for when I am out. The difference in colour and taste was very obvious.I am very upset as I am unable to have a satisfactory cup of tea at the moment.Is anyone else having this problem?


Hey Stephanie,
That's part of a set that belonged to my mom. If I remember right, we found the set in a catalog, but I can't remember which. It had lovely crystal and other collectible items, and some kind of Irish theme or name. I hope some other reader can come up with the name of it for you. It's a beautiful set of 6 cups w/ saucers, all different flowers, and gold rimmed edges. Very special to me.


I love your tea cup and saucer in the photo!! It is beautiful where did you get it? I am a tea cup collector junkie:))

Louise Cummins

Love the site!
I was reading your "what say, lady grey" and thought the reciepe was great , will definately try it out.
I would love to send you some of the best earl grey I think you'll ever taste and possibly some Assam or Darjeeling. Would love it if you could do a review on it and let me know what you think...
Not sure how to get i touch with you though.


Yes, Twinnings was the brand. I had the same problem. The flavor was great if steeped very lightly, but bitter if I let it steep too long/strong. I don't remember having that problem with Earl Grey. So, the Earl is a manly tea and his Lady is light and sprightly? LOL!


I adore Lady Grey tea from Twinnings, but have found it very light, and never have been able to brew it strongly. You did use the twinnings brand right?


Thanks for the mention about our new blog (! Cindi, the co-President, mentions what makes our teas different. Check it out.

Thanks again!

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