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January 22, 2007



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i made a dark chocolate tart just before christmas, and although the recipe said to use a removeable bottom tart pan, which i did, it didn't say what to do with it once it was baked. i turned it upside down, which i'm guessing now was the wrong thing to do. (the recipe can be found on my friend's blog, here: thanks for your investigative work! :) --kellyinarlington

Patty Lawig

Do I need to repeat the same email subject I just sen to you?

Patty Lawig

Shoot, I had this all typed out and tried to change a punctuation while previewing it and my text disappeared. I want instructions on how to bake a tart up on the exterior of a cupcake pan rather than bake them inside and try to remove them. I need special instructions, Do I spray the outside of the pan, what temp. and how long.

I want to fill them with a thawed frozen strawberris either in a sour cream sauce or clear. I have looked just about everywhere on the web cooking shows and find no results.

Waiting your reply, and bless you for your help.

Patty Ladwig
[email protected]

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