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January 01, 2007


buy lipton tea

This information is very helpful,thank you so much for reminder. Keep posting.


Now that wasn't hard at all, was it? And you've earned a wealth of knowledge, just from taking some time to study an expert's word. - William B. Doyle,


I love your site. I am all about tea. I stumbled upon your page while posting about national hot tea month. I am sure I will be back often as I am all about tea.


Happy HTM Christine!

I raised a cuppa to this over the weekend :)


What a coincindence. I just started another tea kick in time for Janurary. I've been reading your blog for a few days now and love it. I toast you with my current cup: mango green tea.


Wow, a town named Tea! I love it! Let's see, names for teas... some types of black teas - darjeeling, assam, lapsang souchong, pu-erh, english breakfast, earl grey. I would love to go shopping on Darjeeling Avenue! Heheh. I'm sure more knowledgeable tea folx here can come up with lots of good names.

Dan Howes

I live in a small town in South Dakota named Tea (no I'm not kidding! and we are one of the fasting growing towns in the state. I would like to go to City Hall and suggest that we start naming our new city streets after different types of tea. But other than green and black and Jasmine, I'm ignorant of any other names of specific types of tea. I see yunnan is mentioned here but would you tea lovers mind sending me some suggestions or point me to a place where I could find several different names? Thank you.

Thank you.

P.S. I will be sure to mention that January is National Hot Tea Month. It gets COLD here in January and hot tea would be a great way to promote the city. I will also suggest they use one of the icons above.


Hey Liz,
Here you go: Right-click on the image you want. Select Save Picture or Save Picture (depending on what browser you use), and then save it to your computer. Then upload the picture to your blog, in a blogpost or to your sidebar, whichever you prefer. If that doesn't make sense, feel free to email me!


I'm a tea novice with a new year resolution to learn more about tea - how appropriate that I decided to do this during National Hot Tea Month!

Thank you for the beautiful badges -- I've added on to my site. And kudos to you on a wonderfully organized and informative site. I'm sure I will learn a lot from it.


I would love to join the club, but I confess- I can't figure out how to put one of your lovely banners on my site.

Please 'splain!



Hey Nancy! Congrats on your new tea toys. I love getting new tea things.

LLS, I really love the yunnan tea. Adagio carries a yunnan that's quite good, but I've made it a mission to try every yunnan from every tea place I can find. :)

I agree, tea is the next best thing to chocolate... except for when coffee is the next best thing. Oh, wait ... you meant for health. Heheh.


OK, I just decided that maybe I will become one of those coffee in the AM hot tea in the afternoon people.
My Mom is Scottish and that is the one thing she used to have every single afternoon (mostly still does).
Anyone have any tasty new teas to try?
I also need the anti-0xidant benefits, and tea is the next best thing to dark dark chocolate.

Nancy Bond

Hi Christine! Thanks for pointing out that January is Hot Tea Month. There's nothing more soothing this time of year. As a gift this Christmas, I received a tea ball and some loose teas and I'm really looking forward to trying them for the first time. I've always been a tea-bagger until now. ;) I'm sure there will be a lot of trial and error until I get the hang of how to brew, so I may call on you for advice. All the best for 2007!


Thanks for the reminder. Makes January one of the best months of the year!


I'm in! I'll be doing daily tea posts. Fill your cup and come over for a visit.


How fab to have a month dedicated to the drinking of hot tea! Although I must admit that I'm quite looking forward to National Pie Day on 23rd (in the name of research, you understand!)


Happy New Year...looking forward to another year of fattening recipes.

I'll toast you with a cup of tea this evening. I like strong hot coffee in the a.m. and a cup of tea in the evening.


Count me in!


Count me in. I start every a.m. with tea (coffee makes me grumpy:) Happy New Year!!!!!

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