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January 31, 2007


Flowers Tea

With so many tea varieties around, it's really hard which one to choose or which is the best. Good thing there are blogs like yours around to educate and inform us.


I like green tea and oolong tea from

teabags i would go for bigelow when I am in hurry!


You're kidding, right? Bigelow tea is tea-bag tea. Yech. Who cares if it's fresh or not?


It says on the website that the mark of a good Chinese black tea is that it ages well. I wonder if this is the case with Indian black teas too?


I just linked to this in my comments ( as someone had asked me similar questions. Thanks for the info!
BTW- I've not been getting comments coming through properly since the beginning of January. I just found a few from this site that were left weeks ago, but I did not discover until today, Feb 9th. Feel free to come back by!


Thought you would be interested in this...words from Cindi Bigelow about what makes our teas really good (staying fresh is a big factor!), check it out:

For more go to our blog to learn about Bigelow tea,


Sabine for Bigelow Tea


Thanks for the info. Very useful.

I have a question, maybe you have an answer. For my birthday my hubby took me out to a Chinese restaurant and the kind staff there presented me with a little sampler packet of loose teas. There are 4 oolongs (I think), a green and a black. Of the ones I've tried, when I steep them the leaves get a slimy, slug-just-crawled-through sheen at the top. I'm thinking this isn't normal. :) Should I throw them out? What would cause that? I've never seen it before with any of my other teas.

Thanks for any tips you may have!



Wow - this is such a useful post for me! I have become a huge tea drinker over the last year and this information will come in handy, for sure! Thanks!

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