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January 10, 2007


Kona Coffee

You guys have got to review J. Martinez Fine Coffees next. Their Kona Coffee and Jamaican Blue Mountain Blends are to amazing.


Thanks for these sources! I hadn't heard of either of these, so I'll check them out. I'm still experimenting with different coffees and roasts. I'm kind of leery about buying a large quantity of beans until I know for sure that I'm going to like it. Do these places offer samples? I guess I'll go have a look! :)


I'm a big Sweet Maria's fan also, but if you can get by a somewhat clunky website, these folks are also outstanding with both green beans and roasted varieties:

I found them by accident from a Coffee Review of their Lake Tawar Sumatran and it's one of the best I've had. You might also try the Ehtiopian Kaffa Forest. Delicious!!

mostly cajun

You can put me down as a big "Sweet Marias" fan. They're great to deal with.

And if you've a hankering to try Kona from Hawaii, try You can buy from them direct, and they're wonderful, friendly people to deal with, too.


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