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December 23, 2006



Hi! Your web site was really impressive and I found some perfect Holiday content on it that needs a wider audience. I'm a publisher of Learn Your Christmas Carols Blog with more than 25,000 visitors. This year, I will include links on Christmas recipes. Is there any content you would like to contribute with me? The only thing you would do is a link back in your sidebar or footer. If you are interested just email me at [email protected] or tweet me at I'm looking forward to your positive response. Thanks!

Janet from Tucson

Hominey is dried corn, soaked in lye-water. If it is cooked in lye-water, it is the Mexican version called posole. If the hominey is ground fine, it becomes grits. If posole is mashed together as a dough, it is masa that is used to make tamales.

Thank you for the fine Carnival.


Peas and hominy! What a GREAT idea! I'll get to work on that Real Soon Now.

Great decorations, but it's all the glorious aromas from the kitchen that have me captivated by this carnival!


hope you and yours have a happy christmas holiday.


Great job on the Christmas Carnival!


Thank you for hosting.
A Very merry and festive Christmas to you and your family.

Mama Squirrel

Thanks for hosting, and Merry Christmas! I've linked.


May your festive season be delectable as well as delightful!


Am I linking to you? I have a coffee blog. Excuse me while I go check.

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