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December 03, 2006



Great tips and some that I will endeavor to use the next time I tweet about the tasty mint mocha. I am drinking and where I am drinking it

Troy Roaster

I'm a small coffee roasting co in the Pacific NW of Washington check to check me out:) I specialize in a dark French roast Organic natural processed Brazil Coffee if you are interested; I'd be happy to send you a sample ( .5lb) to taste:)

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Mint is a plant used in herbal medicine most, mainly because of the wide variety of properties, benefits and virtues it offers to those who take (for example, an infusion of mint, or even green tea with mint. ..

where can I buy this coffee illy?

buy lipton tea

Interesting i never taste this before and i wanna try this.


A. Karno

love you blog!!


I put mint chocolate chip ice cream into my coffee. Sweet, frothy, chocolaty, minty,too yummy.


Ahhh, one skilled in the art of unwrapping... thanks Matt! China, sounds like we're in the same weather zone. We just (finally) got some really truly cold temps.


Open the candy canes from the very bottom. It makes it easier.


candy canes! great idea! I've been making mochas since the weather got cold (last week here in texas) but with regular coco mix in coffee.

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