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December 01, 2006


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It is believed that anything auspicious should be welcomed with some sweets items. ‘Muh mitha karwao’ (serve sweets to sweeten the mouth) is the statement ruling the lips of any Indian on any occasion right from birth of a child, getting a job, achieving a reward to good academic record, fixing of a marriage engagement, marriage anniversary and the list goes on.

Bizu Philippines

I will try doing this it looks so delicious for sure my kids will love this. :)


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I love to make different type of candy. today I got this recipe. I will try this.

John David

This blog is really very informatics. we'll try to make some of these on the event of coming Christmas. Enjoy Christmas with Christmas chocolates.


Can't wait to try it, I guess the week after Easter is too soon...?

yum yum!!


These look great. I'll definitely try them.

Yesterday I made fudge with crushed candy canes on top. (They were a hit!) I put the candy in a bowl and crushed them with the bottom of a cup-- let me tell you, that's not the way to do it. I was picking shards of candy cane out of my hair for hours! ;)


No, that didn't happen to mine. I don't know why. I looked at your frosting recipe and yours doesn't have cream cheese, so maybe that kept the moisture from being absorbed in mine. Also, I did put them in the fridge to chill for a bit so that probably helped too. Good luck!


Just yesterday I posted a similar kind of dessert on my blog -- chocolate peppermint cupcakes sprinkled with bits of crushed candy canes. When I got them out today to serve them, the candy cane pieces had "melted." They still tasted good, but they didn't look as classy since the candy had become soft and gooey. Did this happen for you too... or did you serve these immediately? Any advice for me? :)


Your'e my kind of girl. I also start many of my recipes with a box mix, as I did with my recipe this week.

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