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November 08, 2006


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I really love all the different choices on this sandwiches they are very helpful for when you have some unespected visitors really quick and easy to make and very deicious very good to have those recepies handy.

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I love the Cucumber & Cream Cheese sandwich!!! I can't get enough of them.
For a different taste, add little & chopped coriander with the cream cheesse and make it a little bit interesting


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Abby Semple

Thank you for all of the ideas. This really helped me. THANKS!!!

Tea sandwich fillings are easy to make. I have found it's best to make them a few days before, make the sandwiches the day before the party and cut them on the day of the party. Everything cuts nicer. As far as fillings, the sky is the limit! I own An Afternoon to Remember in Newcastle, California. We are known for our sandwiches-especially chicken. Smoked almond, swiss cheese and chicken are absolutely wonderful. Chicken with basil, black olives and cheese is another one of my favorites. For more ideas and recipes,
our afternoon tea cookbooks.

Amy Lawrence


Christine...add a little mayo to make cream cheese smoother, but not enough to change the taste of the cream cheese.


Ooo, that sounds really good. I'm going to have to try that! Thanks, Vicki


The bacon and cream cheese is addictive! Not fattening, either!!!

During the summer I gave cherry tomatoes from my garden to my neighbor. She mixed together bacon, chive and cream cheese, then placed cherry tomatoes on top. She served it with Frito's scoopers! Each bite was a cherry tomatoe with the bacon, chive and cream cheese. Wow!

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