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October 18, 2006



That's good to know, Penandra, thanks for sharing your experience. I've only used mine a handful of times, but I'll be watching now to see if the filter gets loosey-goosey.


I have been disappointed in the new ingenuitea . . . I always have some of these on hand to give as gifts (more and more friends and family are drinking tea, and I love introducing folks to loose tea rather than the tea dust that comes in bagged tea). I have had trouble with the "new removable filter" in that after a few uses of the Ingenuitea will not stay in place. I contacted Adagio and they said they would send out replacements, but how am I to know which ones will not work and which ones will with the ones I give as gifts.

I must say I am now "gun-shy" on giving these away and will probably not be ordering more.

Steph W.

Thanks for both of these posts! I have the original version, and while I really like it - the "new and improved" tempts me. Maybe I can coax some mold out of mine just to splurge on the new one? Actually, I'm really glad you mentioned the mold matter, so I know what to avoid. Thanks for your fantastic blog!

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