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October 01, 2006


Pride and Prejudice Quotes

This would have been a good movie if the title and all of the characters were renamed and a disclaimer that any resemblance to Jane Austen's original work was accidental and unintentional.


I also am a fan of Jane Austen and I thought the latest Pride and Prejudice movie moved too fast... give me the BBC version any time!


thank you for telling it like it is. people don't believe me when i say "the movie is a mere skeleton of all the book is". i just get a sneer and a "but you LIKE jane austen books." this and mansfield park...what a disappointment.


I agree, Jill. And the house was so shabby. Paint peeling off the walls everywhere.


I actually saw this movie this weekend on cable and was very disappointed as well. Perhaps it was much more realistic regarding Georgian lifestyles and the gaps between families but I cannot buy Elizabeth as so frequently looking like a drudge.

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