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September 08, 2006


Gnu Girl

Now admittedly I don't know the first thing about points, but if eating chocolate standing up is 1 point and eating it standing on one foot is 1/2 a point, then surely if you levitate it must be minus points?

So eating lets say oooo a bar of chocolate while levitating should give you enough points to eat chocolate to your heart's content comfortably reclining on a couch for the rest of the week?! :-P


Thanks Christine, I will take your advise, I'll eat my chocolate while standing on one foot.Giggle!


Hey Gnu Girl, you're welcome, and thank YOU. :)) Keewee, I'm so sorry! You know, if you eat each piece of chocolate standing up it's only 1 point. If you stand on one foot I think it goes down to half a point.

Gnu Girl

Ooooo thank you, you have seen my post, and linked to it! :-D

I love your blog and it's such an honour to be mentioned in it!

Although it did remind me about how sadly I have neglected my poor blog lately, and that all of my posts aren't really - eh, that good... :-(


OoooH! I should have remembered you post about chocolate on fridays. I am having chocolate WITHDRAWL now I am on the weight watcher's program, I only get 20 points to use all day. Two itty bitty pieces of chocolate are 3 points. Whaaaaa so chocolate is a REAL TREAT for now and again instead of every day, as it used to be BOO Hoo!

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