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July 16, 2006



Well I am not going to be a hypocrite and say that I have never traveled down the starbucks path, drinking there Misto / Cafe au Lait. Eww I hated myself for it. I felt as if I just received my members only snob card, and now the rest of the snooty social club felt the need to come converse with me about how they love there starbucks, and asking me how long have I been drinking it like it was the best kept secret of the land, making fun of everyone who hasn't made the cross over to starbucks, speaking to me as if they were the teacher and I were the student mentoring me of the different types of flavors. Then talking about starbucks as if it were an oasis for the coffee drinking community,. I get fifteen minutes of quiet time and I made the mistake of going into one of these automaton coffee shops. Needless to say, since that mind boggling experience, I like to think that I have been on the front lines of the anti starbucks movement. So for everyone who feels the same as I do and for all of you starbucks fans, here’s some food for thought -- have you seen the new Eight O’Clock coffee commercials at Eight O’Clock Coffee’s Original Ground Coffee was preferred over Starbucks® House Blend Ground Coffee in blind taste tests -- beat that! :)


The first item isn't necessarily for lazy folks. There are also those of us who NEED every bit of help we can get in the a.m. before our first cuppa joe has hit our nervous systems...



Can you tell me if you sell or know of anyone that sells coffee mugs that look like ice cream cones?

Thank you!


-Follow up

I totally get the self-stirring coffee mug. This technology has been around for awhile. I first encountered the 'self-stirrer' in chemistry lab when you had to stir heated solutions for hours on end. I wish that they had one for a pot to heat water, because boiling can be reduced in time by almost 40% by continously stirring it, especially when using a gas-stove top.

In addition, an auto stirrer would be nice for my french press so that the grounds will be fully soaked and released of their wonderful flavor in a shorter amount of time.


I first saw the rotating ice-cream cone on 'Food Network'. That is quite possibly the dumbest thing I have ever seen. In fact, it really made me angry. What ever happend to enjoying something despite its problems, ie the dripping ice cream mess?


Oh My! are there really that many lazy people, or maybe those who like crazy gadgets?

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