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June 15, 2006



Ooooh, Keewee, I'm jealous. I may have to get a newer/better crockpot, because I have a feeling I'm going to be doing a lot more crockpot cooking this summer.

D, c'mon, tell, tell! How did you break it?


I recently managed to break the crockery insert to our crockpot (do NOT ask how :-)), so making this will have to wait until I replace ours, but...

Yeh, crockpot cobbler and ice cream.

Sounds like a plan!



I have just bought a 6 quart cooker which has high, low and keep warm settings.
I plan on using it this summer as I also hate a hot kitchen, besides, it is good to throw the food in, then go about your day and come home to dinner.I have also *trained* Mr.C to turn the cooker to keep warm at a particular time.( when I am at work) This takes many postit reminders on the computer, fridge etc.
I also have a smaller cooker I use for desserts like your cobbler.

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