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May 11, 2006



Right cup or not, this movie made it to New York Times' List of Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made, together with two other Austen adaptations. Enjoy your blog!


Thank you Meredith! I wish more film makers would pay closer attention to these kinds of details. I loved Age of Innocence. I wonder about the china used in Gosford Park? I know they spent quite a lot of time getting the historical details about serving roles and so on. Do you know if the china was authentic?

Meredith Chilton

Unfortunately, the china used in this film is not accurate to the period. The large double handled cup used to drink tea in the photo was acutally used for bouillon or soup, and the other cups, as well as the candleabra are all later in date. The BBC TV version of the film had far more accurate china accoutrements.
Two other films where china/dining habits are accurate are: Master and Commander and The Age of Innocence. Alas, period ceramics are all too often overlooked by the set designers.

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