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March 06, 2006


Cindy W.

Quick comment from me before I dash out to run some errands. . .

The IPOT tea hasn't been the same since about January. I and a couple of others have noticed a substantial change in taste. It's still a good tea, but it doesn't have the strong mocha-cocoa flavors that were so wonderful before. :(

I'm still searching for one to replace it, but no luck so far. The new batches for this year should be starting to appear, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a gorgeous new cocoa yunnan will appear.


I made this tea yesterday and steeped it for 2 minutes only, and it was much better. Thanks for the tip. I agree that the second steeping is the best. I steep it 4-5 times (I drink steep 1 & 2 hot, and 3-5 iced).


Hi Katxena,
I haven't gotten a good thermometer yet, so I'm not sure about the temp. I listen for the kettle, and just before it whistles, I pull it off the heat, let it sit for a count of 20 or so, and then pour. Scientfic and precise, huh? :))

I let it steep for about 2 minutes, maybe a little less, the first time, and almost 3 minutes the second time.

I liked the second steeping better, I've decided I don't care for the "green" taste.


I've been struggling with this tea lately. I used to brew it at 190 degrees for 2.5 minutes, but it doesn't taste right to me anymore. How did you brew it?

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