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March 31, 2006



Thanks for your tasting notes Keewee! I think I'll order some of each! :))


Christine,I made a cup of both the golden and hongcha so I could try them both at the same time to give you a more accurate comparison. I feel the hongcha has a little more body to the flavor, whereas the golden is more delicate with a kind of fruity flavor. If I had to choose, I would probably buy the honcha, because I like the fuller flavor and it is way less expensive.
The rooibos certainly is an aquired taste, though I am finding it not unpleasant at all, and it is full of antioxidants


ahh, good, thanks D, I didn't have the new link. I've updated some of my links, but not all. I'll get a round tuit, eventually. More coffee, more coffee!!


Thanks for the link. The “O Blessed Holy Caffeine Tree” post is now (in my new digs) here (imported from Blogger), but I do need to update it--or repost--to make a more unified access to the hymn resources: midi, graphic of sheet music and your mp3, if I may. Maybe after another few cupsa joe.

About the caffeine awareness thing... I guess I missed the emphasis cos I didn't drink enough coffee to be as aware as I needed to be.



Cool, thanks Keewee! I want to try some of their teas. I'll probably stay away from the rooibos, but I want to try their Golden Yunnan. How does the Yunnan Hongcha compare? Oh dear, now I have to go dig the credit card out from behind that big heavy thing on that high shelf. Rats. I better buy some more stuff as long as I'm getting it down anyway, I mean, why waste all that effort, right? :))


Someone left a jar of that soy artificial coffee C--p at work. I tried it out of curiosity,Yuk! Gag,Gag,Gag. I should have known better.
I just received my two Tea for One burgundy and blue teapot/teacup sets,from the English Tea store.they are so cool looking.
Also received my first order of tea from Strand tea Co.
I bought just 2oz of each to try
Keemun Hao Ya a
Red Rooibos
Yunnan Hongcha
Golden Heaven Yunnan
And their blend of Portland Blend, a breakfast tea.
I like them all and plan on trying others in the future

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