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March 22, 2006


Andy Titcomb

The espresso teapot is made by The Teapottery in Yorkshire England.
All good wishes
Andy Titcomb [teapot maker]


Hey Rich, thanks for your comments. I really like knowing something I've written has touched somebody.

KeeWee, I don't know anything about I'll have to have a look at their site.


Hi Christine, I have just given my credit card a workout at the English Tea Store.
A friend told me about
do you know anything about this company?


I just found BTW and this site as your alternative Universe. I need to read more before I can offer anyone an understanding of who you may be but your preChristmas notes hit home. Like you I have determined I have lost me. You use your inner child as self for me its just me. Very few things reach me anymore, life is dull and relentless. At best it is silent-no humor, laughing at jokes has gone. I need to punt and run to a "meeting". Since I have little time at this momement and suspecting you may not care for details from another I just wanted to let you know your comment touched me and to say thanks for that.


PLEASE don't say "cute"! :-) Attracive, lovely, whatever (even if it is pink, it is all of that, really :-). But "cute"? Kiss of death. *LOL*

I can certainly understand buying the teapot, though. It looks like it'd feel good to pour from, etc.

The first image, above? Looks for all the world like a Transformer Robot to me...

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