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March 16, 2006


Cindy W.

Christine, I'm finally catching up to your blog after a few months:

Happy Late Blogiversary!

(that's how much I enjoy your writing and photos. . . I'm actually going back to read what I missed).


Happy "Blogiversary!!" (((^__^)))


Mazeltov! And thanks for a very fun blog indeed!

Keep it up. :)


Thanks Bendita! It's great to hear that. I can see from my stats reports that folx are coming here from searches and such, but I can't tell if they're staying or reading, or coming back. So it's really nice to know, thanks very much. :)


Congrats. I do enjoy your blog, especially as you do regular posts that are really interesting.This is the first and remains best blogsite that I've ever followed.
Best wishes.


Thank you Steph, Kat, D, thank you Bernie! Thanks for the kind words and the visits and the encouragement. Ya'll keep me going! :))

Bernie Bassett

Congratualtions and
Happy St. Patrick's Day.

This would have to be one of my favorite websites/blogs.

Keeep the great work coming.

Go n-eírí an bóthar leat.


I sure am slow off the mark today, Christine... Happy Blogiversary!


Congratulations, Christine
I love to drop by and visit; here's to many more years and several pots of coffee!

Steph W.

Congratulations. Your blog has inspired me!


Thank you Keewee, thank you PT! I have had a lot of fun doing this blog. And it's kept me focusing outward during some very dark times. So, here's to another year in the blogosphere!

Purely Tea

Enjoy your blogiversary - you've done a brilliant job with your blog.


Well congratulations. You are doing a fine job with your blog. I look forward to many more enjoyable years of reading.

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