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March 09, 2006



I made them and they are absolutely delicious! will make them again for sure!!!


I made these this weekend...and can't say enough wonderful things about them...they are so good and better than the coffeehouse chain's that i don't ever want to waste my money on one of those again. i will have these on hand often. these are seriously addictive. I highly recommend you try making these if you love cranberry orange scones. oh, by the way...I used dried mixed berries (cherries, blueberries, cranberries).


I can't wait to try these! You took the thought right out of my head: I, too, buy a cranberry-orange scone from the deli... but I KNOW I could make it just a wee bit better. Wish me luck and thanks a bunch!

blanche mcvey

i made the today.they are awsum. i make scones all the time and these are keepers. yoplait is the brand that has the orange cream yogert.i used my mixer to cut the butter in,i always do when making scones. next time i make these i will omit the cranberries andjust make them plain with the marmalade butter which is yummy.i cut mine in squares and rounds with a cookin cutter.i like the square ones best. if u dont own a micro plane zester,go buy one u will love it. no more bitter white stuff with the zest. i also plan to make plain ones with chopped pecans. thank u so very much. God bless

Chuck Boehme

I am not a cook. But, since I like cranberry/orange scones so well, I decided to give the recipe a try. When I finished mixing the liquid with the dry ingredients I thought that it was much too mushy and sticky. I found it necessary to spoon them onto the cookie sheet. The results were fantastic. Everyone loves them so much that I've had to ration them. I'm going to make them often.
Thanks, Chuck


The tea they drink in chinese restaurants is oo-long tea


Morna - I looked it up and Cranberry Orange Scones are 10 points! There went that idea! Grrrr!


These are by far the best scones I have ever had. This recipe ROCKS! My grandmother who is an avid baker asked me for the recipe because she loved them so much.


I stumbled across your site searching for an orange cranberry scone. I am glad I found this site! The scone recipe is awesome!


I made these b/c I enjoyed the ones that *** sold but didn't like the price. These have become a family favorite. My 7 year old says that they are better than the ones you get at ****'s!


I just made your scones and they are wonderful. I did not have all the ingredients so .... instead of yogurt, I used sour cream and regular Craisins. I did not have any more orange juice but I had made a wonderful fresh cranberry sauce (Tyler Florence on and had a small bit of that left. About 1/3 cup. I added powdered sugar to that and drizzled it over the top of the warm scones. OMG
One thing not in your recipe was how thick to roll them out.I think mine was a bit too thick.
Thanks - a craving has now been satisfied, for awhile.

Sue Metzger

THANK YOU for an excellent recipe. this is one of the best scone recipes I habe made. Made them for my quilt group meeting today and they all raved. I will also be making large batches of them for a Ladies tea party of 100 ladies. Thanks for a recipe that brings "wows" and leaves a great impression with all who eat them.


Great recipe,
Have your heard of or tried savoury gem scones? I wonder if by adding cheese, onion and bacon and a touch of Lea and Perrins whether that would constitute a savoury gem scone!
Love to hear what you think.


Great recipe,
Have your heard of or tried savoury gem scones? I wonder if by adding cheese, onion and bacon and a touch of Lea and Perrins whether that would constitute a savoury gem scone!
Love to hear what you think.


Your recipe looks absolutely scrumptuous.

Do you know how many points one of these counts for in weight watchers? What about fiber, sugar, and fat content? I LOVE cranberry orange scones. I go to Starbuck's every morning and get one (bad habit). I'm going on weight watcher's and would love to find out how many points one of these counts for. Maybe it won't be too many so I can have one now and then. I checked weight watchers and Starbucks but neither gives me the points.


The orange cranberry scones are wonderful. We made them for christmas to give to our neighbors and ate plenty ourselves. I played with your recipe a little and made lemon scones. I followed you recipe but changed the orange juice zest and yougart for lemon and changed the cranberrys for a dried mix made by sun-maid called tropical trio (pineapple, papaya and mango) and followed with lemon icing. It also turned out yummy. thanks for posting your recipe.


Tried your cranberry orange scones but with plain yoghurt + orange essence...still tasted great! Will be making another batch very soon. Thanks for this little gem of a recipe!


I've never uses fresh or frozen, but I don't see why they wouldn't work. One note, the dried cranberries are a bit sweeter than fresh berries, so if you like sweet, you might want to up the sugar as well.


Can you use fresh cranberries instead of dried?


I'm glad you enjoyed them, Joy! These are still my favorite, although the pumpkin scones run a close second.


Wow, you're amazing... the entire office loved these... drool.


Christine, date scones used to be my favorite, but these days, I like several others just as well. As for nuts in scones, I have never tried them, I prefer to eat nuts by the handful rather than in baked goods.


Thanks KeeWee! I hope you like these. If you make them, let me know what you think. I'm surprised to say even the hubs liked these. He doesn't like scones, but he ate four!

I haven't tried date scones, do you like those better? And what about nuts? Do you usually like nuts in scones? One of the recipes called for walnuts or pecans, which sounded kind of good, but I didn't have any.


Christine, you have done it once again.
re-worked a couple of recipes to come up with one which sounds heavenly. Tea and scones is one of my Mother's favorite morning or afternoon tea treats.
Have you tried date scones?
A hint to get scones evenly cut, is to shape the dough into a circle, cut once across, then each half into thirds. makes large scones, but I like a good size scone.
I make your recipe for pumpkin scones quite often, and sprinkle the tops with cinnamon and sugar before baking.

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