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March 26, 2006


Robert McHenry

Here we are November 21st and Zach & Dani's still giving me the "I don't know" excuse. They then refer me to Nesco...I call Nesco & get the "we don't have any pricing yet on those parts" I have been getting that story from Nesco for the last three weeks.

Robert McHenry

Looking for the glass roasting chamber! Anybody have any leads?

Robert McHenry

Exybody is out of stock! No one knows when they will have parts.!


I'm so ticked that Zach & Dani's is out of stock!!! What's that about? Who runs out of product right when people are going to be ordering for Christmas????? Well, following a tip on another post, I looked at Sweet Maria's site, and they're selling a Z&D that they say is the latest model. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they actually have it in stock!

Robert McHenry

I just picked up a Zach and Danis roster and rostaed my 1st batch! I'm happy but have some concerns about the roaster. I need a new roasting chamber but found out they are backordered! CSR tells me they have been out of the roasting chambers for the last two months! The expect to gaet some stock before Thanksgiving (yeah right). Also noticed that they have been out of stock on the roasters as well. What's going on? Belly-up or a new roaster model?

Thanks All!


I bought my Zack and Dani's roaster back in 2003... I loved the smell of FRESH roasted coffee filling the house with out the smoke.... aaah!
Went to Hawaii and bought 100% kona green beans. Roast at about 29-30 min.
Well... back about 2004 after the roaster was out of warrantee .. I found the roast "recall" button quit working... Oh well I could still roast. Maybe it was a power spike! ??
Last weekend... I found all the buttons died. :(
Being an engineer I took it apart. I found the problem... a basic design issue... if they had spent $1 more in makeing it, it'd still work.
I know the fix or a solution to the problem...
Question is... have other people had the same dead button problem.

mostly cajun

There's more difference between the Z&D raoster and the Fresh-Roast than batch size. The Z&D does a slower, gentler roast over a longer period: 15-25 minutes, plus a cool-down of 5 minutes.

The FreshRoast does its work faster, 5-7 minutes for my styles, and cools down in 2 minutes.

I think that you'd be well-served with either, but I'd lean towards the Fresh-Roast for a first machine. You can do little batches fast, and if you don't like them, you only toss four ounces...




I was afraid of this... I just knew you'd end up telling me it made a BIG difference. *sigh* One more thing in the PLUS column on my "should I or shouldn't I?" chart.

Of course, I did see those plans for converting a hot air popcorn popper to coffee roaster...



It's pretty tempting for me right now to go with a machine of some kind. How would you compare the Zach & Dani's to the Fresh Roast? About the same quality?

mostly cajun

Invest in a roaster!

I use both a Zach & Dani's and a Fresh Roast.

You'd do quite well with a Fresh Roast. They're relatively cheap, and the smaller batch size makes it fun to experiment with different degrees of roast. Adn you can easily hear the first and second crack...

Bird Barista

You are giving me the urge to get that Zach & Dani's roaster, the urge I've been resisting...


It actually wasn't as much work as I thought it was going to be. Put the beans in a pan, put the pan in the oven. The hard part was knowing when to take them out again. I think I did ok... the coffee was sure delicious. But we'll see how it goes on the second batch.


I can almost smell the aroma of your freshly roasted beans.I see it is a lot of work, but worth the effort.

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