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March 24, 2006


Directory submission

really appreciated

thanks for the access


I have a few questions:
Do they have to be refrigerated because of the filling?
How long will they keep refrigerated and unrefrigerated?
Will the filling make the "muffcakes" soggy if not eaten within a day?

I can't wait to try them!


The eggs are added one at a time because it is easier to see that they are fully incorporated that way. A chunk of scrambled egg in a muffin just isn't that appealing.

These muffins, however, look absolutely amazing!


My grandmother used to make a variation of these that she called butterfly cupcakes -- the steps are essentially the same, but she would cut the removed center portion in half and arrange it on top of the cream in the shape of wings and then sprinkle it with powdered sugar. Lovely and delicious!


Just catching up after being away. I am going to make these as they look and sound scrump!


Oh that looks FABULOUS!


Gee, I just knew I didn't have to mention "American Chocolate Week" to you... :-) EVERY week is American Chocolate Week at MC&AT, eh?


Nothing really big for Carnival submission tomorrow. Just a snack-turned-meal that made a hit with folks home for Spring Break.


How cute!! I Love them. Muffcakes is such a cool name!

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