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January 10, 2006



Nancy, KeeWee, thanks! I just had a peek at the BoB site and realized it's a voting thing, so I'll let you guys know when it's time to vote. *nudge nudge wink wink*


What a rush for you, You deserve the nomination.


PS The nomination is good too. Heehee.


I think the nimination is well deserved, Christine! Good luck!


ah HA, so it was you! Thank you very much for nominating me, I'm flattered and honored. Ok, those are sedate words. Really, I'm so tickled I could pee my pants!!!!! :))


It was me! It was me!

I LOVE your blog, and I'm not the least bit surprised you're a finalist, because you rock! I mean, coffee, tea AND sweets... that's some good stuff. :)

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