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January 12, 2006


Ingrid Naumann

Try this one: "Ojala que llueva cafe en el campo" by Juan Luis Guerra (Translates to "I pray that it rains coffee in the country.") A very fun song we used to sing in high school spanish class.


Cowboy Junkies - Cold Tea Blues from the album Pale Sun, Crescent Moon


Hi you have some great coffee tunes accumulated here-bravo! I put a link up to your site on mine. Have a great day! Donna


Christmas Tea was written by that late-night talk show host Delilah. Ewww.


Long shot, but can anyone help me out? I've been searching for this song for years - all I know is that in the chorus is something about sitting by the fire and the line "a cup of Christmas tea."


One more:

The Coffee Song - B. Hilliard and D. Miles - Performed by Frank Sinatra on his album Ring-a-Ding Ding


Afternoons and Coffeespoons by the band that did that song mmm mmm mmm . Sorry I can't remember their name!


I LOVE this site! Here's one I don't see on the list:
"How Bad's the Coffee" John Hiatt & the Goners from 'Beneath This Gruff Exterior' New west records 2003.
Hope you like it too.


So great! thanks a heap.


They're coming!


"One More Cup of Coffee" by Bob Dylan, from the album Desire. :-)


Most excellent! I was hoping you'd help me fill out the list, Kat. You're a gem. Now, I need to find mp3's and album names for all those. [smiling hopefully at Kat] I'd be willing to trade ya. I don't know what I have that you might like, but there must be something. How about this old stuffed dog-toy? A lifetime supply of dust-bunnies?


oops, the Andrews Sisters' song is already listed. I forgot Doris Day-Tea for Two; Chris Rice-Smelling Coffee; Savage Garden-Two Beds and a Coffee Machine; There's always I'm a Little teapot!


You did ask for this!
Claude Gray I'll Have Another Cup of Coffee; Coffee in a Cardboard Cup-Mandy Patinkin; The Coffee Song-Andrews Sisters; Perculator-The Ventures; Second Cup of Coffee-Lightfoot; You're the Cream...-Marlene Dietrich; Tea for Two Cha Cha-Tommy Dorsey; Cleo Laine-When I Take My Sugar to Tea; Java Jive-Manhattan Transfer; One More Cup of Coffee-Bob Marley; Coffee Song-Jars of Clay; What I want is a Proper Cup of Coffee-Trout Fishing in America; Black Coffee-Ella, Rosemary Clooney, Patricia Kaas; Coffee Blues-Mississippi John Hurt

That's it of mine!

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