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January 12, 2006



Java Jive by The Manhattan Transfer is a great song.

sakai miyuki

Robot cat
Do you know that?
It's a Japanese character.

It is a very famous comics.

sakai miyuki

I like teas very much so I drink a lot of tea every day.
What about tea?
very nice drink ,no tea no life

sakai miyuki

I love tea.
lipton tea is delicious

Hi. 'Couleur Café' from Serge Gainsbourg. Great Song, heavy lyrics... but in french

D.J. la Fée

YAY ! I am home !

Mr. Blooming Tea

Wow!! I never knew there are many songs about coffee and tea. :)


I was also going to say Afternoons and Coffeespoons. It's by the Crash Test Dummies.


Cup of Brown Joy, by Elemental
Everything stops for Tea - Jack Buchanan


i have some tea songs for you.
1. Tea - Brandon Benson
2. Drink Tea (For the Love of God) - Kula Shaker
3. T.U.S.A. - Masters of Reality
4. Tea for Tillerman - Cat Stevens
5. Easy Wind - Grateful Dead (this has a line in the song that goes something like "gotta find a woman be good to me. Won't hide my liquor try to serve me tea."
6. Tea & Theatre - The Who
7. Cups and Cakes - Spinal Tap
8. Tea in the Sahara - The Police
9. Earl Grey - Fleetwood Mac

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One more idea -- "Tom's Diner" by Suzanne Vega is partly about coffee


One more tea song -- "Chrysanthemum Tea" from the Stephen Sondheim musical Pacific Overtures. (I prefer the Original Bway Cast from the 1970s; but the song is also on the early 2000s Broadway Revival.)

Thanks for a great list!

Very enthralling. Where can I find out more?

Do you have anymore info on ways to quit smoking


Very interesting. I like your style

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Thank you all a lot,
always thought of creating a compilation of coffee songs, this is great!
And i have got another song to add, "Coffee´s Cold" by Abigail Washburn.

Ray Ardry

Heres another one.Very nice sound.

I Need A Cuppa Joe


Lovely list! I am so happy to see the Kinks on here.

Their song "Have a Cuppa Tea" is on the album Muswell Hillbillies.


hi i´m from Mexico and i want to say you ,congratulations!!!! your list is amazing thanks for all the songs about coffee it´s delicious ;)

Adam G

I don't know if this is already listed-- there's a song whose lyrics are:

I've always called it the coffee song, it's a round.

Don't drink too much coffee
Not for children is this Turkish drink
makes them nervous and unable to think
fine wine instead for me


This music is FANTASTIC!


"Black Coffee" by Humble Pie. I'm not sure if it's original or a cover.


The coffee song by Frank Sinatra


hey everyone
listen to this one

check out track # 10 - COFFEE



This list is fantastic, thanks for compiling it! Here's a coffee shop one that's adorable:

"Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop" by Landon Pigg

Bad Good

Does anyone know of a song by a country singer with a really low voice, first words are "Coffee Black, Cigarette...


What about Your So Vain by Carly Simon?

Amber Nordvik

Oops, sorry for not adding this to the last post, but there's a section about coffee in JBE's song "Someday Cafe", but that one's a hair more depressing...

Amber Nordvik

"Stress" by Jim's Big Ego is a hilarious song with an extended verse on coffee (and espresso). It also happens to be one of my favorites. (I think it may be the one Rye was looking for.)


has anyone mentioned Michelle Featherstone's Coffee and Cigarettes?
and Coffee Cup by Breaking News. the first one i first heard on a One Tree Hill episode, i think, or Grey's Anatomy. the second one is a jazz song which i like also. check them out as well. :)

great compilation by the way, i really appreciate it! :D

to the coffee lovers,


AWOL did a song called Coffee on the collection Ska: The Third Wave, Volume 2.

A nice cup of tea song

A nice cup of tea song by Joe Beagle

listen for free at

or just click the A nice cup of tea song link above..


Tea songs:
A Decent Cup of Tea - Frank Turner
Tea and Sympathy - Janis Ian
Sunday for Tea - Peter & Gordon
Strange Cup of Tea - Sister Hazel
For the Price of a Cup of Tea - Belle and Sebastian
Have Some More Tea - Smoke
English Tea - Paul McCartney
Gran's for Tea - The View
Toast and Marmalade for Tea - Tin Tin
Cup of Tea - The Adicts
Cup of Tea - Sage Francis
All the Tea in China - Susan Jacks
Coffee, Tea & Sympathy - Robbie Williams
Tea - Brendan Benson
Another Pot O' Tea - Emmylou Harris
The Coffee And Tea Wrecks - The Dandy Warhols


I have a great new single for coffee lovers called "Coffee Dream." You can see the music video at

or Download on Itunes:

Hope you like it!


Or, better yet, Bach's Coffee Cantata, on of his few secular pieces, written to encourage his daughter to kick the coffee habit.


Also check out Coffee Flavored Kisses by Saffire (The Uppity Blues Women); Too Much Coffee by Toni ? ; and search itunes for one called Cuppa Joe; and do you have Java Jive by the Inkspots listed?

Janice Graves

I am looking for a song that I heard on the radio recently.

Each verse ends with sitting by the fireside and telling stories about the Christ Child and drinking a cup of Christmas tea. Does anyone know this song or how I can get a copy? Janice Graves dk


My favorite - Ray Materick's Put the Coffee On Linda


We have just opened a coffee and tea store online. I love the songs that I have found here.We are looking for someone to put together a "commercial" that we can post on YouYube and My Space. Would love to hear from anyone who has any ideas. Our budget is VERY limited. Our site is:


'ello! I found this entry while searching the Web for "coffee songs", so thanks! :) I'm compiling my own coffee playlist (tea & chocolate are welcome too, of course! I luvvvv all three.) May I suggest a few that aren't in your list?

1) Té para tres ("Tea for three"), by Argentine band Soda Stereo. I don't know if you understand Spanish, but this song is a classic in Latin American rock. The guitar sound is out of this world :)
2) Tea in the Sahara, by The Police.
3) Cup of coffee, by Garbage.

And a big THANK YOU goes for the girl who mentioned the song by The Flash Girls. I love Neil Gaiman, but wasn't aware of this song. Now, if only I could find it...


I have been looking for a song about coffee for some time. I think it was in a car commercial once. It's a rap song about coffee. The guy gets up in the morning and "gets a cuppa coffee" then stops on the way to work and "gets a cuppa coffee". Then get to work and goes in the break room and "gets a cuppa coffee". Has another at noon. Another at break time. He's always talking about "gets a cuppa coffee".

Anyone have a clue what the name of this song is and who the artist is?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!


A few others would be "Coffee Mug" & " Coffee & Cigarettes" both by Lagwagon and "Mr. Coffee" by Decendants.


One to add to your list would be the Cranberries "Wake up and smell the coffee "from the album of the same name. It's actually political but does reference coffee.


Great job!
In Romania the tea is becoming a show for very rich people.
The books are very interesting but I can't touch them.It would be interesting if you could post this books on a share file.
By the way some interesting chinese or japanese music for tea ceremony?!
Merry Christmas!


Also, Tea and Corpses, written by Neil Gaiman, sung by the Flash Girls.

Dorinda Read

I could have written the same e-mail as Steve-June 27,2006. Anyone know how I can get a copy of that song that Delilah wrote?

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