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January 17, 2006



Hi There, great site and colorful blog. I'm a new-b to the tea industry and have found myself scouring the net looking for as much information as I can about tea. I'm glad I came across your blog because that bit on 'how to open a tea room' sure has helped! Anyways, I'd like to offer you some samples if you'd like from my store. I specialize in loose leaf teas and you can see my selection at

Thank you,


Wow, I love your blog! Coffee, tea, recipes, what more could a person ask for?? No, this is not one of those spam comments. I found your site as I was searching on Google Images to upload on my own site (don't ask - something involving Seattle and rain, go figure!) and here you are. I love it - good stuff! I will check back often...

Marshall Malone

Hey! Thanks for enjoying the blog. Maybe we should send you a free sample, just for fun. If you email me your favorites, I'll send you one.

PS: I found you thorugh technorati


Yeah, I agree, I'm thrilled to be in the finalists at all. It's pretty miraculous, really. So I'm happy. Thanks for trying to vote again, tho, Keewee!


Well. I went back and voted again, and was told I had already voted! If some people are benefitting from multiple votes, and some are not, Then this whole "best of Blogs" thing SUCKS! it is biased. But just being NOMINATED is HUGE! *way to go girl*

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