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January 10, 2006


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Thank you for this exelente recipe it looks so yummy from where i see it, i cant wait to make this very impressed thanks.


Mmmm... These are so yummy!

I have to tell you, I lost my copy of the recepie but a week before p-date I knew I had to have it again. I couldn't find it and all I could remember was the phrase: baileys cream cheese tollhouse cookie recipe

but that didn't help. Then I added: PMS

And got this site! Thanks!


so, these lasted all of a day at my house, which is a new record. best idea EVER!


Beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you for sharing this treasure!


Oh. Oh. Oh!

I just ate a full dinner (home made pizzas and trimmings), but when my eyes lit on this recipe my mouth began watering...

You are soooo gonna be responsible for my downfall...



OMG, I think I just died and went to heaven. Just when I thought I had tried about every chocolate recipe out there, this one comes along. Thank you, I will print it out and make it in the near future.

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