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December 08, 2005


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I actually agree with you on the zip ties for ease of use. But, surprisingly, many people don't have them lying around the house, so I wanted to use something most people would already have. For the record, zip ties are available at hardware stores and home improvement centers, and are infinitely useful things to have around.

Steve Griebel

I'm trying to find the original Hickory Farms "Christmas Blend" coffee, too. I ordered their Christmas Celebration thinking that they probably changed the name, but it isn't anything like the Christmas Blend that I remember. The original had a nice touch of cinnamon, and other subtle flavors that made it a great flavored coffee. The Christmas Celebration is a non-flavored coffee. Does anyone know where I can find a "taste alike" coffee to Christmas Blend?

Karen Bonar

i am trying to locate Christmas blend coffee from Hickory Farms. Can't find. Can anyone help?

Karen Bonar

Coffeemate makes an eggnog liquid creamer. It is wonderful but only available aroung Thanksgiving and Christmas. I just stock up. I still have some from Christmas.


Hey there, found you by way of Dubious Wonder's Carnival. I'll be trying the coffee recipe!

I bought a "Wintry Blend" coffee at Trader Joe's a couple of weeks ago, but the flavor is really heavy in peppercorns, gak, it's a smallish gak, but gak all the same.

Also, I got a Chai-eggnog-latte at Starbucks, the flavor was pretty good.


Look carefully at your eggnog container -- not all eggnog is made with milk. The non-dairy versions have a lot of scary unpronouncable stuff in them, and they tend to be overly sweet, but they might work very well as a non-dairy eggnog creamer.


Heheh, you won't regret it, D! But you can do this with a drip coffee maker too. You just need to allow the spices to interact sufficiently with the hot water ... not just a chat, but a good long conversation ... so that the flavors come forward. Merry merry!


Well, I've been wanting an excuse to get a French press...


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