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November 03, 2005


Gourmet coffee

I like this type of taste.

shea howard

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Gak! I'm a ninnyhammer. I totally skipped a brain cell. Oven temp is 325 degrees (Farenheit). I better go update the post! Thanks for asking Mary


pumpkin cheesecake cups--what is the temperature that you bake them?

Jane Smith

I love cooking and your dessert sounds great but at Thanksgiving I lke to take a break and if anyone else feels that way I came across a great place to get desserts such as cheesecakes I want to spend time with the family instead of in the kitchen.


Heheh, I don't think of this as a bad habit, Keewee. Dunking is an art!

You've got yer crumble factor, so the texture of the cookie is important. (See previous post here: In Search of the Perfect Tea & Biscuit.) Then you've got yer dribble factor, so a cup you can hold close to your face is important. Then there's the taste, of course, best tea for best cookie flavor. And don't forget cookie to tea ratio, as in ... amount of time for proper dunkage... so many factors to consider!

I'm a bigtime dunker from way back. My fav is chocolate chip cookies, either very crunchy, or very chewy. They dunk wonderfully.


I love gingersnap (gingernuts) biscuits (cookies). My favorite way to eat them is dunk them in my cup of tea. Yes, I know that sounds disgusting, but you can blame my mother for this bad habit. As a young child, I used to sit with my mother at 10am -morning tea time,and drink milky sugar sweetened tea, dunk my gingernut in it, and listen to Dr Paul on the radio. This was my Mum's favorite serial.

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