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November 18, 2005


Adele Schoemer

My husband just reminded me that he is expecting this cake for his birthday this Sunday. I have been making it for years and got the recipe a coworker who found on a box of C&H Sugar back in the 70's. As a chocoholic, I add extra chocolate chips. We love this cake!

Carolyn Rothberg

I originally got this recipe from the C and H sugar pacakge. The apples should be chopped in the processor, no need to peel them. I use butter instead of margarine and bake the cake in a tube pan with a removeable bottom.The cake came out perfect.
It is delicious and moist.


I just made it. It was somewhat watery-tasting, actually. It might be better tomorrow morning after it sits over night. I did press the grated apple thoroughly through a sieve although the directions do not so specify -- glad I did, though as it would have been too wet otherwise -- and also reserved 1/2 c of the juice to substitute for the water in step 1. Still, it was definitely lacking in flavor. I think next time I might substitute brown sugar and maybe some kind of orange zest or something. It was moist and not bad, but it was not as great as I had hoped it would be. :(

mom of 2

I have made this cake for years and everyone loves it! They always comment on how moist it is. I usually serve it with slightly sweetened whipped cream or a really high quality vanilla ice cream. One of the best things about it is how good the leftovers are for breakfast! My college-age daughter asks me to make it when she comes home.

Christine King

What is up with this recipe! This was always my birthday request growing up. My mom made it and it was delicious.It is the best cake ever. I thought it was relegated to childhood memories, but thank you internet!


I love this cake! My mom made it often while I was growing up, and I make it often now. People always want the recipe. It's just such a good, moist, not-too-sweet cake.

Dana Huffman

I love this cake and since moving, I haven't been able to find my cookbooks or recipe boxes yet. It is great to have it again. Hint- take your piece, place it on a dish and microwave it for about 15 seconds. It will be warm, moist, and the chips melt-awesome. So- it is great to freeze, also.

mary warde

So glad I found this recipie! My Nana used to make this cake for many special occasions, I watched and helped her bake this one many times. Some times she'd get on a roll with other cake, but I always would request this one. She followed the recipe off the c&h sugar package. Since she passed away 3 years ago, just before her 100th birthday, no one seemd to have the recipie. I can't wait to bake this cake, it just reminds me of my Nana


This cocoa, apple cake, sounds interesting. I will copy the recipe and make it sometime.

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