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October 19, 2005



What temperature do you bake these at? I can't wait to make them!


OH my goodness and with emphasis on the GOODNESS part. These scones are out of this world any other recipe would be a waste of time. Thank you so much. That night the little one and I whipped up a batch and I only had one left. My mother took one with her to the airport and called me during her layover and raved about how much she wished she had taken another they were so delicious and really went well with her coffee. The kids went nuts for them too I made the pumpkin butter and some whipped cream and also put out some fluffy white frosting and strangly enough the kids went crazy for the pumpkin butter and whipped cream on them...I caught them actually eating the pumpkin butter by the spoonful! Thanks again Sincerely Tamara


Hey I am so happy I came across this website.I was on the hunt for some good pumkin scone recipes and this one sounds like it is thee recipe to try I am headed to the kitchen with the three year old in tow and I can't wait to tell you all what I think of them too! Wish me luck and sure hope I can have at least one with a house full of bottomless pitt teenagers I love to cook and they love to eat and I have to actually hide a goodie or two for the littlest one and myself you gotta move fast in the house of ravenous animals lol


anyone who uses the word transmorgrified cannot be all bad.


These scones are very good and tasty. I replaced the individual spices with 1 1/2 tsp. of pumpkin pie spice and also used our home grown pumpkin. They are wonderful.


How in the WORLD did I miss this recipe earlier?!?!?!

WOW! This weekend, for sure!


(Oh, and since Wonder Woman likes 'em baked in a form, that means I get to pick up a few more "forms" tomorrow, too!--I have a special treat I like that comes in cans that are perfect for WW's "form-baked" scones. heh)


can i use canned pumpkin with spices if i dont add in the additional spices?


ooooh! I'm hooked on these Pumkin scones.My mother used to make scones all the time, especially date scones,the pumkin scones are better.
I have made cheese, bacon and green onion scones, these are good for lunch or tea time, hot out of the oven, smothered in real butter.


Oh, I love scones with coffee, I think they work well with either coffee or tea. These are so tasty, not yer average scone, that's for sure. Bex, I didn't do mine with nuts or white chocolate either, but I think I might try that in the next batch.


I just got finished making them. I omitted cinnamon chips (hersheys) for white chips. And I didn't have any pecans.

I'm having it with a green tea latte and with the punkin butter they are lovely. Who needs pis?

Rob Barac

Ahh scones. I used to loooove these on a Sunday morning with a nice Eark Grey. Or even after a lunch of cucumber sandwiches.


The only downside is that they don't work with coffee.


Ah hah, I was just looking at the joy of baking recipe today and I went out and bought the only ingredient I didn't have- punkin!

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