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September 06, 2005


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I love coffee ice cream!

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Ice cream and frozen desserts are stabilized or textured with more than one
hydrocolloid. Manufacturer/Formulator requires to know a lot about a variety of
hydrocolloids to work out the combination that will deliver the characteristics required in
ice cream. In view of this, information has been compiled on various hydrocolloids, their
properties and compatibility with each other as a blend for manufacturing better quality
ice cream and frozen desserts.

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I like coffee flavored ice creams. They really taste good!

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Although humans have mechanisms that can offset the effects of appropriate combinations of food, always good to take advantage offered by scientific advances and studies which lead us to a diet much more sophisticated and much better for body.


Need to get out the door, but... C! You have my mind whirling and my mouth drooling here!

Oh, yum...


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