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September 01, 2005



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Your recipe seems simple and wud love to try it. Can the eggs be replaced with more milk or water? I want to avoid using eggs. Is there a way out?

lori morrison

breads seem to always burn or not be cooked inside...any ideas of my problem?


I don't have alot of time to bake and I just don't have the talent either, so...I found a website that specializes in sweet breads and they are extremely reasonable in price. Their blog is neat also. Their kind of a mom & pop shop, homemade!!

Rosane Nagib

I really enjoyed your site. Would it be possible to have some information on the new receips for cakes and breads?


I don't do a lot of baking (especially in the summer) but you keep tempting me.


Thgis one's a keeper, and I can hardly wait for that crisp fall evening when it's just the right thing to fill the house with anticipatory aromas.


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