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August 02, 2005



I work at a starbucks as a meathod of helpign pay my way through college at the moment and would like to say that the service you recieved though below par wasn't atrocious. The gentleman who came from behind the counter to show you where to go to place your order went above and beyond in situation like the one you were in the protocols are there at alot of places, and breaking them can result in us getting in alot of trouble.
and in response to NAcy's post you are the type of customer that put most barrista's on edge, cut us some slack for every patient customer we get they're multiple dour faced, impatient , and pretentious ones
you are at a coffee shop getting premium you expect a wait anything beyond a plain coffee takes 1-5min to make relax a little most people working at a coffee shop aren;t there for just the money, we're there because we love interacting with people and people that feel that anything less then perfect service is worth getting us fired needs to cut back on the coffee .


You know, I always fume and rage afterwards, but when stuff like this happens, I'm often too timid to make a stink about it. I have to be pushed REALLY hard before I'll react angrily. This was just about my limit. Interestingly, I went back there yesterday during my coffee crisis, and they were nice as pie. Smiling even. Maybe it WAS the heat that had made them so nasty. I dunno.


Well, Christine, you're a better person than I am. I _know_ I would have

1.) Explained firmly to whomever I could engage (guy at register, person who eventually took my order, whomever) _exact;ly_ how rude they had been. Taken names for later butt-kicking (see below)
2.) Asked for the manager, contact info for the owner/franchise owner, etc. (and if not forthcoming, gotten it from public records, the web, etc.)
3.) relayed to manager, owner, corporate EXACTLY how rude and off-putting the employees had been.
4.) Written a letter (uhm, rant) to local rag about the experience.
5.) blogged it and told EVERYONE I met for the next several weeks just what horrible service I had gotten there.
6.) followed up with #1 and #2 above to let them know how my campaign to either change their business behavior (or drive them out of business) was going.

I have no problem telling people who behave that way exactly where they have gone wrong. Repeatedly and assertively.

IMO, There's no product so good it will eclipse bad service. It's one thing that permanently put me "off" Apple products. Fine products, lousy sales and service personnel in every case I had experience with them in the past. I tried, really tried to give Apple products a fair shake, but their service was so horrible I finally gave up entirely.

OTOH, when I get reasonable service anywhere, I am usually effusive with praise for that business... providing any product was decent as well.

Nancy Bond

That sort of thing makes me so angry! And people say, what do you expect, poor kids...they're only working for minimum wage. So are a whole lot of grown ups! And if the job isn't their cup of tea (or coffee, as it may be...) they should move along and let the next student on the list have a go. Sheesh! I'm glad you enjoyed your bagel, though. They sound to die for!

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