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August 23, 2005


Coffee Cup Joe

My newest all coffee song CD is a GREAT compilation and a real treat for every coffee lover out there.

Check it out and our new site if you get the chance. Sample clips can be heard at our publishers site

Tune in to me nd all my friends at NY City Daily for Fun news, stories, things to do and of course the all coffee song compilation.

Dig It!



Just wanted to share with all of you a latest in espresso machines design. Check out these machines by Ascaso, a european company. What your take on these?


mostly cajun: ya japin' on me about my collection of Hirt and Alpert sheet music?


Christine? Need more coffee? Missed ya at the Carnival of the Recipes this week.


mostly cajun

Ah! Al Hirt! YOu have no idea how many school band trumpet players wanted to play like Al Hirt. Or Herb Alpert...


LOL, no, that's ok, I'll just try to be more awake. s'hard to pay attention when you're snoring. :))


Thanks for great links!! Do you want a pre-notice on any Sunday's content? heehee


Yeh. I still have vinyl of the Al Hirt number.

And a turntable that needs repair.


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